How to Get Employees to Work Like You’re There, Even When You’re Not

Adam C. Lambert Adam C. Lambert Restaurant Operations Strategist
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Ask any restaurant owner their three most critical issues, and employee accountability is likely to crop up.

Simply put, employees are less strict about store processes when the owner or manager is away from the store. —It’s human nature.

One of the main reasons restaurant owners spend so much time in their stores is because they run more efficiently while they are there. Just by being in the store, an owner can improve the accountability of his team.

It’s both a blessing and a curse—but luckily, one that can be addressed.

Here’s how to get employees to work like you’re in the store, even when you’re not.


Perfect Your Processes, Then Digitize Them

Odds are, you already have a system for holding employees accountable for their daily duties around the store.

Card systems, red books, paper checklists, and dry erase boards are common finds here.

The good news is, the roadmap to success is already laid out on these papers—it’s just not being executed properly.

These processes you’ve outlined will be the foundation on which you build digital checklists for employee accountability.

This includes cleaning checklists, opening checklists, closing checklists, inspection checklists, and more.

If you've already created a spreadsheet for these, you’ll be able to import them directly into a Jolt checklist. This will give you real-time visibility into ever store.


Get Real-Time Visibility of Those Processes

By digitizing your daily, repeatable tasks, you’re providing yourself and your managers with a LIVE view of what’s going on in each store.

In other words, you’ll have real-time accountability reports available to you at all times.

Going digital with your daily checklists will also give you longer-term insight on what’s getting done well, and what needs improvement.

This helps you make more informed decisions as an owner, and gives managers direction on what needs improving in their stores at the ground level.

It’s a significantly more effective system, and the reason over 1,300 Chick-fil-A locations are using Jolt Software every day.

Having the ability to pivot quickly and make informed decisions on-the-go is critical to any restaurant’s success. The faster service you provide, the faster your team must be at the same level of efficiency.

Digital checklists will undoubtedly drive faster, more consistent processes in your restaurant.

An example of real-time, digital checklists in Jolt.



Maintain a Perfect Record of Daily Accountability

With all your daily processes being executed in Jolt, you’ll have a perfect record of each day’s accountability, with name, date, and time stamps.

You’ll be able to see when each task was completed, by whom, and precisely when.

That’s complete visibility for your entire management team.

Not only will you have visibility, but accessing this information is as simple as checking your email.

Think of Jolt as a searchable red book with extra layers of accountability built in.

This includes any photos, numbers, or notes employees have entered as part of completing their checklists.


Photo-Proof Lets You See Inside Your Restaurant

Moving your daily processes from paper or spreadsheets into Jolt gives you the ability to use a variety of digital checklist inputs.

These include photos, temperatures, ratings, notes, and more.

Digital checklists go beyond the checkmark to give you the full story of what happened each day.

Instead of having an employee initial a clipboard that he restocked the soda station, require a photo with Jolt.

You’ll be able to see that it’s done, and your employees will know that. Each task will have their name, date, and time stamp of when it was completed.

Not only will this instantly improve accountability around this particular task, it provides management with an invariable record that the task was done right.

An example of a digital checklist with photo-proof in Jolt.



Audible Reminders Keep Employees On-Task

Beyond photo inputs, Jolt digital checklists provide employees with audible notifications about upcoming tasks, or tasks that are overdue.

These reminders keep your employees focused on the real priorities of your store, and reminds them of tasks that might be slipping through the cracks.

This is especially helpful for ensuring your stores are prepared for each days’ rush.

Audible alerts—especially during downtime—help ensure your store runs at full capacity during its most profitable hours.

Audible alerts also ensure employees are completing food safety practices—like logging temperatures—that are critical to the safety and success of your business.

Using Jolt to remind employees of upcoming and overdue tasks is a great way to realign your team around accountability without coming across as the badgering boss.

Audible notifications with Jolt keep your employees on task, even when you’re not in the store.


Jolt Helps Employees Work Like You’re There

By digitizing your processes in Jolt, you’ve exponentially increased visibility into your stores. Instantly accessible accountability reports are available to you from any internet connected device, including your mobile phone.

With a real-time view of what’s happening in each store, you’re able to change the context around accountability for the better.

Jolt helps employees know what to do, gives managers time to focus on customer service and store management, and provides owners with the same level of accountability whether they’re in the store, or on the road.

Jolt digital checklists help employees work like you’re there, even when you’re not.


Master Team Accountability In Your Store 

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We’ll show you how to achieve the 7 Pillars of Restaurant Success in your store, and improve team accountability for the better.

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