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The Best Sites to Guide Your Restaurant Software Search



“77% of US online adults say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.” (source)


When it comes to restaurants, saving time is a matter of employee accountability. Managers are constantly looking for new ways to improve process to ensure a clean, consistent restaurant.

There are tons of options on the market for scheduling, training, onboarding, and so on, but which software is really going to deliver on the benefits you really need?

That’s where these sites come in.

Below you’ll find the current market leaders in software reviews, along with some highlights and descriptions of each. Before investing in a new software for your business, run their name through these sites. Any platform worth its salt is sure to be there.




Capterra was established in the late 90’s as a free tool aimed at helping businesses make informed decisions when purchasing software. Currently, they boast over 675,000 reviews, all from rigorously vetted users. Since its acquisition by billion-dollar research firm Gartner in 2015, Capterra has led the industry in independent software reviews. It’s clean design is ideal for those looking to get informed on-the-fly.

Here’s a recent promo, where employees answer the question, “What is Capterra?”









G2 Crowd is a Chicago-based, peer-to-peer review platform boasting over 500,000 reviews. Having recently acquired Siftery, they’re looking to usurp Capterra as the big cheese in software reviews.

Though you’re likely to elicit similar results from these industry leaders, it’s still worth perusing the reviews simply to learn about the product and its application in your industry. (Here’s a sample page if you’re curious.)

You can watch G2’s illustrated explanation video below.







Billing itself as “the most trust review platform for business technology,” Trust Radius is unique among its competitors for refusing to sell ads.

With 160,000+ reviews from nearly 60K users, the Austin-based company has officially entered the conversation among the top review sites for business software.

Sadly, there’s no overview video for Trust Radius yet. (This awkwardly scripted interview is their only discoverable video on Youtube.) But not to worry, you can see what their reviews look like here.


The Trust Radius homepage (sourced Mar 21, 2018).  



If you’re a part of the 81% of shoppers who conduct online research before buying, these sites are ideal for your next software purchase. Give your next business buy the same attention you would a tv, and read some real customer reviews. 


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