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What is Jolt?

Jolt is software available on your smartphone or tablet that helps Edible Arrangements operators achieve digital food safety compliance and improve employee accountability. Jolt helps you complete temperature logs faster, improves the accuracy of your food and date labeling, and boosts employee accountability for exceptional customer experiences and revenue growth.


“Jolt replaces all the paper checklists that you use every day. It gives me accountability and consistency, knowing my idea of clean is my employees’ idea of clean. ”


-Cheryl Baugher, Multi-Location Owner, Edible Arrangements

Why Edible Arrangements Owners Trust Jolt

Create Consumer Confidence

Communicate trust and transparency to consumers with a dashboard that displays a store’s cleanliness, safety, and sanitization records in real-time.

Edible Arangements Safety Board
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Jolt Labeling is
100% Accurate

Pre-programmed Edible Arrangements food and date labels ensure 100% accuracy. Auto-calculated expiration dates ensure your store is always compliant and inventory stays fresh.

Jolt Temp Logs are
3x Faster

Instantly record and store temperatures with Jolt temperature logs. Jolt uses audible reminders to ensure staff complete temperature logs on time, every day.

Use Jolt temperature logging for:
  • Weekly Temperature Logs
  • Fit Produce Wash
  • Van Temperature Logs
  • Design Area Logs
  • Fruit Prep
Domino's Pizza Temperature Log
Jolt Daily Lists

Jolt Protects Your Product 24/7

Jolt wireless sensors keep a record of all your cold-holding temperatures, and notify you by text if they fall out of range. Breeze through health inspection and brand inspections by always having your temperature logs on hand.  

Jolt Sensors help you monitor:
  • Walk-In Cooler
  • Display Cooler
  • Fruit Bar Temperature
  • Federal Case
  • Fit Produce Wash
  • Van Temperatures

Jolt Holds Employees Accountable

Move from paper binders to Jolt digital checklists to improve visibility and accountability of all your daily tasks. Achieve team accountability across all your stores with pre-programmed Edible Arrangements checklists.

Use Jolt for daily processes like:
  • Opening and Closing Checklists
  • Inventory Checklists
  • Weekly Checklists
  • Daily Cleaning Checklists
  • Delivery Van Checklists
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Digital Labeling

  • Removes human error
  • 100% accurate
  • Auto-calculates expiration dates
  • Uses easy, touch-to-print system
  • Saves time labeling every day

Temperature Logs

  • Removes human error
  • Cannot be falsified
  • Stores 30, 60, and 90 day reports
  • Can be checked online from anywhere
  • Prompts corrective action when out of range

Digital Checklists

  • Consolidates your paper checklists
  • Can be checked online from anywhere
  • Uses audible checklist reminders for staff
  • Keeps staff focused on what’s important
  • Ensures nothing falls through the cracks

Product Protection

  • Monitors temperature & humidity 24/7
  • No manual measurements
  • Can be checked online from anywhere
  • Stores 30, 60, and 90 day reports
  • Sends text notifications when out of range

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Jolt Digital

Food Safety Features

  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
  • High-Level and Store-Level Reports
  • Pre-built Food Safety Checklists
  • Pre-built Shift Management Checks
  • Pre-built Monthly/Quarterly Checks
  • Included Pre-Shift Checklist
  • Automated Corrective Actions
  • Employee Time Clock & Scheduling
  • Drag-and-Drop Schedule Builder
  • Swap Shifts In-App
  • Employee Quizzes & Training
  • Send Message Blasts & Announcements
  • View Labor Reports & Forecast Costs
  • 24/7 Temperature Sensor Monitoring
  • On-the-spot Employee Training
  • Employee Training Hub & Info Library

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