Jolt Helps Dominos Nearly Double Employee Productivity


Jessica Meece, Domino’s General Manager, Mountain Home, AR

“Jolt helps employees do their job, and holds everyone accountable.”


  • Lack of employee accountability w/ daily tasks
  • Employees don’t know how to do tasks
  • Low morale - employees felt overworked


  • Checklist completion rates went from less than 50% to over 90%
  • Consistent increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Label savings of over 300%


Team Accountability

    • Opening/Closing checklists
    • Cleaning checklists

Digital Food Safety

    • Temperature logs with wireless probe
    • Jolt labeling for accuracy and speed

Employee Performance

    • Training hub
    • Employee reviews
    • Customer feedback surveys
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Full Story

Jessica was working 60 hours every week as General Manager of a Domino’s. It was becoming impossible for her to complete managerial tasks, as she was constantly assisting and retraining employees. Jessica sensed her staff also felt overworked and frustrated, so she began searching for a way to improve the fundamentals of her store.

Looking to Improve Accountability

“Our chore list was written on paper, but people were not being accountable. They didn’t know how to do their tasks, and descriptions didn’t help. That led to an uneven workload and productivity became an issue. I found Jolt while looking for a better way to accomplish chores.”

The owners were still skeptical of introducing technology, so Jessica took the plunge and paid for Jolt herself. She quickly found Jolt offered much more than a checkmark.

Checklist Completion Went from 50% to 90%

“The cost is most definitely worth it...Our building is cleaner, employees are friendlier and happier. Our list completion went from less than 50% to over 90%.”

Jessica said her scheduling time went from 10 hours per week to 2, saving her a full day’s work in scheduling alone. Her labeling costs went from $75 per 5,000 to only $20, and the store has hit record sales almost every week.

Jolt Is There 24/7

“Jolt is like a personal assistant—it's there all day every day. It helps employees do their job, and holds everyone accountable.”

Jessica has continued to expand her use of Jolt with temperature probes, and recommends the system to anyone looking to improve employee performance and engagement.

“They know the work they’re doing is appreciated, and our sales have gone up! Corporate needs to know about this.”