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Jolt Helps Krispy Kreme Deliver Fast & Accurate Service


Rene Hjorth, Krispy Kreme District Manager, Las Vegas, NV

“24 hours after we had Jolt installed, I said, ‘Let’s buy it everywhere.’”


  • Needed a better way to train employees
  • Eliminate paperwork and paper checklists
  • Labeling was tedious and time consuming
  • Delayed profit & loss (P&L) statements


  • Increased employee performance across the board
  • Increased team accountability with digital checklists
  • Faster labeling with 100% accuracy
  • Real-time data on store performance


Team Accountability

    • Custom digital checklists
    • Opening/Closing checklists
    • Cleaning checklists
    • On-the-spot training

Digital Food Safety

    • Faster, more accurate labeling

Employee Performance

    • Onboarding for new employees
    • Training hub
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Full Story

Rene was particularly frustrated with the standard of training in the food service industry. He needed a hands-on way to train employees inside his store, and traditional methods weren’t cutting it.

“A lot of franchises provide you with videos and content that's designed to be used on a PC or a DVD player. That’s a lot different than doing the task itself. If you're watching a movie on how to make a smoothie and you're not able to try it out immediately, you’re going to lose the effectiveness of the training.”

On-the-spot Training with Jolt

It wasn’t just everyday tasks that Rene needed help executing. In the food service industry, you have to be ready for anomalies.

“There are some complicated tasks in a restaurant there just isn't any training for. You write these long lists of how to clean something or do something, but no matter how smart the employee, you run into problems like, ‘I don't know what you meant by that,' or, 'I don't know what that tool looks like.'”

Jolt allowed Rene’s employees to access training in the same place they review daily checklists. When an employee encounters a task on their checklist they don’t understand, the training is right there in the list to help them.

“When I saw Jolt in action, it was amazing. Twenty-four hours after we had it installed, I said 'let's buy it everywhere.' The functionality was well worth the investment, and it's proved to only get better with time.”

Switching to Digital Food Safety

Another massive advantage for Rene’s Krispy Kreme was date labeling. Because Jolt auto-calculates dates on every label, he’s running a much tighter ship when it comes to freshness and food safety.

“It takes time to fill out a date label by hand, and still not everyone does it right. Every time you get a health inspector, there's always going to be at least one label where someone made that mistake.”

With Jolt, Rene has curbed human error for 100% accurate food safety labeling.

“Now there is no room for error. There is no way of extending the hold time or manipulating the time it was printed. I can even see who printed each label, if it’s not done to standards. That is a bigger win than reducing the time that it takes to actually do it, which is instant.”

Solving Accountability In Real-time

Rene loves the increased visibility he gets with Jolt. He mentioned how important it is to get that feedback, and make quick changes.

“I can take immediate actions instead of two weeks later. Jolt gives you an instant ability to see how are your stores performing, and which stores need help. You don't have to wait 30 days for a P&L to come out. You don't have to do any kind of analyzing to see turnover is really high. You don't need to wait for any of that stuff. Jolt gives you that feedback every single day.”

Rene now knows exactly where to spend his time and energy being a multi-location owner.

“If you get ten emails every day from Jolt notifying you that things are not getting done in one location, and you have another location you get zero notifications from, you know what is going on in your organization without ever stepping foot into those stores.”

Jolt has helped Rene to become a better owner, and empowered his employees to succeed without bogging them down with paper checklists.

“My goal was to see if Jolt could eliminate some or all of my paperwork and paper checklists. When I realized it could, that’s what sold me.”

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