Jolt Helps McDonald’s Employees Stay on the Travel Path


Nicole Bass, McDonald’s Supervisor, Salt Lake City, UT

“Employees now have a better understanding of McDonald’s standards, and can take pride in their job knowing that they work for a company that cares about clean stores and safe food.”


  • Poor execution of Travel Paths (daily checklists)
  • Lack of accountability around temperature logs
  • Negative customer satisfaction reviews on cleanliness


  • Significantly increased Travel Path completion rate
  • Improved execution and accuracy of temperature logs
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores and store cleanliness


Team Accountability

    • McDonald’s Travel Paths (corporate checklists)
    • Pre-shift checklists

Digital Food Safety

    • Wireless temperature logging for accuracy
    • McDonald’s Corporate food safety checklists

Employee Performance

    • Monthly employee performance reviews
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Full Story

As a supervisor over multiple stores, Nicole had trouble making sure her daily checklists—known as “Travel Paths” at McDonald’s—were completed at every restaurant.

“Travel Paths were slipping by before Jolt. If they were doing them, Supervisors didn’t know if they were doing them correctly. When we’d visit the restaurant and notice trash on the lot, we would question if those tasks were done at all.”

The Impact of Accountability

Lack of accountability around daily Travel Paths began to have a negative impact on restaurant cleanliness, order consistency, and overall customer satisfaction. Nicole knew the impact that could have on the business.

“If Travel Paths and cleaning lists aren’t done, customers arrive in a dirty lot or see dirty tables in the lobby. If the lobby and lot are dirty, customers will start to question what the kitchen looks like as well.”

Setting up travel paths in Jolt allowed Nicole to receive notifications and know when things were completed, and QR codes provided an extra layer of accountability.

“Now we know if they are doing or not doing their travel path. When an employee scans a QR code in Jolt, we immediately know they are checking all those areas in the restaurant.”

Improving Food Safety Procedures

Jolt reporting and notifications help Nicole manage food safety and temperature checks across her locations as well.

“There was so much paperwork for food safety, and you had to dig through a book to find it. With Jolt, I can be alerted during the day on critical food safety lists.”

The reminders help Nicole and her team act out the procedures for success McDonald’s already has in place.

“We’ve always had good procedures and systems in place, but Jolt helps us know beyond a shadow of a doubt. We don't have to worry about temperatures because we know what we are getting is accurate. If they are out of range, we know immediately, and can take corrective action to make sure our food is safe.”

McDonald’s Uses Jolt Every Day

As a multi-location Supervisor, Jolt has made a drastic difference in Nicole’s day-to-day work.

“I interact with Jolt on a day to day basis thanks to the alerts. When I am in the restaurant I can use the iPad to quickly review checklists, and when I’m not, I have my phone.”

But the real payoff for Nicole is seeing improved employee performance across her stores. She says it’s changed McDonald’s culture for the better.

“Employees now have a better understanding of McDonald’s standards, and can take pride in their job knowing that they work for a company that cares about clean stores and safe food.”