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How Jolt Lists Helped North Country Business Products Create Consistency and Accountability


Matthew Swanson, Vice President of Operations, Bemidji, MN

“There’s so much that associates need to drive and own, and Jolt Lists help keep everyone on track.”


  • Consistency with installation procedures
  • Accountability of team members performing installs


  • Lowered the amount of technical support calls received
  • Increased the quality of the service North Country provides
  • Standardized the processes for efficient installs


  • Jolt Lists
  • Information Library
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About North Country Business Products

North Country Business Products has humble roots dating back to 1948. They started as a single storefront selling basic office equipment and supplies in Bemidji, MN. Since then, they’ve grown into a nationwide retail technology solutions provider dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of their clients. They are also a 100% employee-owned company.

As a trusted partner and advisor in retail technology, North Country Business Products prides themselves on putting their client’s goals and interests first. They take a people-oriented approach to ensure that they always deliver targeted, reliable and cutting-edge solutions to their clients. North Country Business Products provides expert system design, integration, implementation, project management, and technology support services.

North Country Business Products sells products from the world’s best restaurant hardware and software vendors, one of which is Jolt.


With hundreds of multi-unit clients, North Country Business Products prides itself on consistent, high-quality implementations. When dealing with multi-unit operators, all locations need to be consistent. If a location is set up differently than the others, it can result in operational inefficiencies for the client and brand, leading to a poor customer experience for their end users, in-store personnel, and their corporate support teams, as well as increasing support costs and complexity for North Country Business Products. Consistently and efficiently duplicating processes that rely on human intervention is difficult for any organization, and North Country Business Products saw the same operational challenges with the servicing, installation, and custom configurations with their clients.

Matthew Swanson, Vice President of Operations at North Country Business Products said,

“Like many companies, we faced opportunities with the consistency of execution and accountability for our teams during our implementation processes. We are continually striving to improve our client experience, and we knew this was something we had to take action on.”


North Country Business Products launched their partnership with Jolt in 2020. Seeing the depth of Jolt’s product suite and the capabilities to serve multiple use cases, North Country Business Products explored the idea of using Jolt to help manage their opportunities with implementation consistency. The team specifically narrowed in on Jolt Lists and Jolt Information Library.

Jolt Lists is a team accountability solution designed to improve task completion with consistency and required quality. With this digital solution, managers can check if tasks have been completed anytime, anywhere from their mobile device. Users can create standard lists for use across all their locations, and can even require employees to capture images for adding evidence of satisfactory completion, or engage with a QR code in order to mark a task as done. Jolt Lists provide real-time reports that allow managers to track critical tasks and review employee, location, and brand performance to ensure consistency across their enterprise.

Jolt Information Library is a content library that allows companies to store materials in one central hub, that employees can access anywhere. With Information Library, customers do not have to worry about scrambling to locate a paper document. In addition, Information Library lowers training time and costs by enabling self-learning capabilities.

North Country Business Products began using Jolt Lists and Jolt Information Library to manage their install process for the technology solutions they deliver.

With Jolt Lists, North Country Business Products can generate reports on tasks that may have been missed during an implementation. This allows them to troubleshoot any subsequent issues that arise with the client, and also provide the necessary training for their associates to ensure no tasks are missed going forward. Lists allow North Country Business Products to show their clients that all steps were followed during their projects, which helps build credibility and trust.

In addition, North Country Business Products can require associates to take photos of the setups they perform on site, so that the entire North Country Business Products team can build accountability. If an associate is reimaging a register, they can submit pictures to prove that the process was followed properly.

Since Jolt Lists have a variety of options and list completion options, North Country Business Products can make modifications to their lists at any point. The North Country Business Products team is currently using seven lists in Jolt, that span tasks for new installs, system updates, new feature enhancements, and system maintenance.


Since implementing Jolt Lists to help with their internal processes, North Country Business Products has been able to lower the amount of technical support calls that they receive, increase the quality of the service they provide, and standardize processes for efficient installs.

Instead of associates having to remember every step of a process, they can reference the Jolt List. This has lowered the amount of stress that North Country Business Products’ associates feel onsite and has helped build repeat- able, scalable processes.

Hearing about Jolt from other franchisees, Brett’s initial thought was that it sounded too good to be true.

“The success we have seen with Jolt is amazing, and the fact that we actually use a product that we sell, is awesome. We use our actual account in Jolt as our demo for when we meet with clients. It is a nice addition to show that we are users of a product we sell, and that it's a reliable part of our daily workflow," stated Swanson.”

Due to the success that they have seen so far, North Country Business Products is looking at other opportunities to use Jolt Lists internally in ways that require task management and checklists.

Tim Pincelli, Global Vice President of Jolt’s Partner Channel, said, “leveraging the added value of a solution that you represent, and also trusting that solution to internally manage the success of a customer experience, is a great way to demonstrate that you stand behind that solution. At Jolt, we pride ourselves on creating software that truly makes a difference in our customers' lives. It is awesome to see how North Country Business Products has benefitted from using our software internally.”

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