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Why are food regulations important? Food regulations are in place to protect people from foodborne illnesses. Contaminated food can cause harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites to be ingested, leading to severe discomfort or even death. Food regulations have been a part of the US since Theodore Roosevelt signed the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, which led to the formation of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The main goals of food safety standards include:

· Protecting consumers from adulterated food

· Enhancing public trust in the food service industry

· Protecting business owners from liability

· Promoting best practices and industry standards

Preventing Poor Food Safety

The best way to ensure clean and safe food is to have well-established food safety procedures based on FDA and health department guidelines. Your restaurant should have clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) for every aspect of food handling, from receiving deliveries to serving. Employees should have access to information on how to complete tasks safely and efficiently, including:

· Cleaning and sanitizing work surfaces and utensils

· Cleaning bathrooms and public areas

· Food storage and labeling practices

· Opening and closing procedures

· Recipes

· Safe temperature ranges for storing, cooling, and freezing prepared foods

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The Key to a Successful Restaurant

Meeting and exceeding food safety standards is essential for any restaurant’s success. Jolt software helps restaurant owners and managers provide high-quality products while reducing labor costs and improving their health and safety reputation. By implementing Jolt’s comprehensive solutions, you can ensure your restaurant is prepared for health inspections, committed to food safety, and providing excellent customer experiences.

In addition to the various features mentioned, Jolt software offers customizable options to cater to your restaurant’s unique needs. This flexibility ensures that your business can grow and adapt to changing demands while maintaining the highest standards in food safety and employee management.

By investing in Jolt’s innovative solutions, restaurant owners and managers can effectively streamline operations, optimize employee performance, and maintain a safe and efficient work environment. The combination of these factors ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction, a stronger brand image, and greater profitability for your restaurant.

Jolt’s software is an invaluable tool for modern restaurant management. With its numerous features designed to enhance employee accountability, protect inventory, and maintain food safety standards, Jolt equips restaurants with the tools and resources needed to thrive in a competitive industry. Don’t wait to optimize your operations and elevate your restaurant’s performance – implement Jolt’s software today.

“What would you pay to have your best person in every single one of your locations all the time? That’s what you get with Jolt.”

—Sean, McDonald’s Franchisee

An Entire Food Service Suite of Products:

Jolt Lists

With Jolt Lists, your entire team naturally does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. Turn guesswork into great work


Jolt Lists

By providing a comprehensive list of tasks, employees can manage their time and responsibilities more effectively. The ability to scan QR codes or upload photos of completed tasks ensures that each job is done thoroughly and allows managers to verify the quality of work.

Training videos and documents can be included with checklists to provide guidance and clarify any doubts when needed. This makes the onboarding process for new employees more efficient and helps existing staff members stay updated on best practices. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups, allowing for better delegation and a more organized workflow.

Managers can monitor tasks in real-time, receive notifications for overdue tasks, and send reminders to employees to ensure smooth operations. This level of oversight helps prevent bottlenecks and keeps the team on track.

Jolt Sensors

Discover a remote monitoring solution that protects inventory with alerts when temperatures fall outside of a defined range


Jolt Sensors

Jolt Sensors are designed to monitor temperatures in coolers and freezers continuously. They send notifications when readings fall outside acceptable ranges, enabling immediate action to be taken to prevent inventory loss due to equipment malfunctions or human error.

Jolt Labeling System

Streamline the label-making process by reducing the time it takes to make labels and eliminating errors. 


Jolt’s Labeling System

The Jolt Labeling System is designed to create clear, accurate labels for prepared food containers. With easy-to-read labels, employees can quickly identify the contents of each container, saving time and reducing errors. This system ensures that all food items are properly labeled, tracked, and rotated to maintain freshness and food safety.

Jolt Temperature Probes

Take and record food temperature in just seconds.



Jolt’s Temperature Probes

Jolt’s high-quality temperature probes provide accurate readings for prepared foods, ensuring that each dish is cooked and stored at the correct temperature. These readings are automatically recorded and stored digitally, making it easy for managers to monitor food safety and prevent employees from recording incorrect temperatures.

Jolt Information Library

Provide employee training and store content in one central hub.



The Jolt Information Library

The Jolt Information Library serves as a centralized hub to store important documents and materials, with controlled access for employees to avoid confusion and maintain organization. This digital library ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information and resources, preventing miscommunication or outdated procedures.

Popular items stored in the library include:

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manuals that outline the step-by-step processes for daily operations
  • Training videos and quizzes to reinforce learning, ensuring employees have a solid understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Recipes for consistent food preparation, allowing for uniformity and quality control
  • Equipment user manuals for proper operation and maintenance, reducing the risk of breakdowns and accidents
  • Protocol for dealing with special requests, unruly customers, and accessibility issues, ensuring all staff members know how to handle difficult situations professionally
  • Emergency procedures for various situations, such as fires, power outages, or medical emergencies
  • Contact information for employees, supervisors, suppliers, vendors, and emergency services, making it easy to reach out when needed

Jolt Employee Scheduling

Scheduling your entire crew has never been easier than with Jolt’s drag and drop interface.


Record Keeping & Reporting

Efficient record keeping and reporting are essential for a successful restaurant operation, and Jolt’s software provides a comprehensive solution to help you stay on top of these critical aspects. With Jolt, you can access real-time information on various aspects of your business, allowing you to make informed decisions and ensure that your restaurant runs smoothly.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Jolt’s reporting features provide valuable insights into your restaurant’s performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. You can access a variety of reports, such as labor costs, sales revenue, training completion statistics, and more. These reports can help you identify areas for improvement, optimize your operations, and boost your restaurant’s overall efficiency.

Jolt Time Clock

Monitor employee clock-ins and shift lengths all from home.



Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Jolt software offers real-time alerts and notifications to keep you informed about critical events occurring in your restaurant. These alerts can cover a wide range of issues, including temperature changes in coolers or walk-in freezers, uncompleted tasks, and unexpected clock-in or clock-out attempts. By staying informed about these events, you can address potential problems before they escalate and negatively impact your business.

Automated Record Archiving

With Jolt, all records are stored digitally, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and ensuring that your records are always accessible, organized, and secure. This digital storage system simplifies compliance with health department requirements and makes it easy to retrieve records during inspections or audits.

Jolt Communication Manager

Ensure that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Jolt’s Communication Manager

Jolt’s Communication Manager is designed to ensure that employees understand important information by including comprehension quizzes after reading memos or updates. This feature helps reinforce learning and allows managers to monitor quiz results to gauge employees’ understanding of new policies or procedures.

With the ability to send messages to individuals or groups, managers can communicate important information quickly and efficiently. This ensures that everyone stays on the same page, and any necessary adjustments can be made promptly.

Key Benefits from Jolt Checklists & Forms


Automate task assignment, corrective actions, and notifications for overdue and incomplete tasks.


View real-time reports to track critical tasks and review employee, location, and brand performance.


Attach training videos or documents to any task that employees can reference for on-the-spot training.

Distribute Information


· Automated, consistent record keeping & at-a-glance reporting on all locations

· Worry-free compliance with health & safety regulations

· Text and email notifications for overdue, out of range & incomplete tasks

· Integrated just-in-time training

· Including work orders, opening/closing checklists, employee write-up forms & more

· The Jolt Platform includes: Tasks & Checklists, Temperature Logs, Labeling, Employee Scheduling, Forms & Inspections, Information Library, Time & Attendance, Message Blast, Employee Announcements, and Logbook

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“Not only has Jolt saved my managers over two hours of work every day, but I have seen a direct increase in my profitability per store.”

– Garrett S., Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee

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We are beginning to use Jolt for so many things at Chick-fil-A. It has cut down on paper cost, it’s super convenient, and it just makes my life a whole lot easier.

– Kasey,  Chick-fil-A Franchisee

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Now daily food labeling is a snap. No more trying to decipher messy handwriting… I hate to think of life without it.

– Taran, Costa Vida Franchisee