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Ice Cream should melt in your mouth, not in your freezer!

This was not the case for our CEO and Founder Josh Bird. He got a call from his manager one night saying that his ice cream had turned into soup as the freezer went out. Frustrated by the lack of solutions to make his restaurant better he set out to create solutions to solve restaurant problems. Thus Jolt was born!

Jolt’s partnership with the North America Ice Cream Association is the perfect partnership because our products were made to solve issues you are currently facing inside of your ice cream restaurant. Learn how we can help today!

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Protect Your Product

    • Wireless sensors monitor your walk-in freezer, reach-in fridge, or other sensitive environments. 
    • Receive alerts when the temperature falls outside of the range you set. 
    • Get temperature logs to show when a freezer’s temperature is starting to increase and take action before disaster strikes.

Built-in team Accountability

  • Build custom checklists, and forms that display to the right employee at the right moment or on-demand when needed.
  • See who’s doing—or not doing—what as well as how it’s being done with accountability verification like photo proof, signatures, or scanned QR codes.
  • Real-time visibility into performance with analytics and reporting that display productivity trends over time.

Improved Employee Performance

  • Centralized training hub for fast onboarding and continuous learning that’s available to reference from the app or attached to your lists for a quick refresher on how to complete certain tasks.
  • Communication hub that includes manager’s logbook, SMS & email blasting to your employees and announcements on clock-in so your staff is always informed on what’s important.
  • Shift hub that allows you to build a schedule in minutes and publish to your team and allows employees to submit time-off requests and trade shifts.
Clean Restaurant Using Jolt

An Entire Suite of Products for Restaurants:

Jolt Lists

With Jolt Lists, your entire team naturally does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. Turn guesswork into great work

Jolt Sensors

Discover a remote monitoring solution that protects inventory with alerts when temperatures fall outside of a defined range

Jolt Labeling System

Streamline the label-making process by reducing the time it takes to make labels and eliminating errors. 

Jolt Temperature Probes

Take and record food temperature in just seconds.


Jolt Information Library

Provide employee training and store content in one central hub.


Jolt Employee Scheduling

Scheduling your entire crew has never been easier than with Jolt’s drag and drop interface.

Jolt Time Clock

Monitor employee clock-ins and shift lengths all from home.


Jolt Communication Manager

Ensure that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Key Benefits from Jolt Checklists & Forms


Automate task assignment, corrective actions, and notifications for overdue and incomplete tasks.


View real-time reports to track critical tasks and review employee, location, and brand performance.


Attach training videos or documents to any task that employees can reference for on-the-spot training.

Distribute Information


· Automated, consistent record keeping & at-a-glance reporting on all locations

· Worry-free compliance with health & safety regulations

· Text and email notifications for overdue, out of range & incomplete tasks

· Integrated just-in-time training

· Including work orders, opening/closing checklists, employee write-up forms & more

· The Jolt Platform includes: Tasks & Checklists, Temperature Logs, Labeling, Employee Scheduling, Forms & Inspections, Information Library, Time & Attendance, Message Blast, Employee Announcements, and Logbook

See What Our Customers Have To Say:

Jolt saved all of my ice cream before any of my employees even noticed there was a problem with the walk-in freezer.
Eric K.

Baskin Robbins Franchisee

Since implementing Jolt three years ago we have seen an increase in our inspection scores across all of our locations. Furthermore, Jolt has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars from failed audits, labor costs, failed freezer units going out, and so much more.
Chad L.

Zaxby’s Operator

Our store recently got an evaluation from EcoSure and we received a Pride Award. The person doing the inspection said it was the cleanest Dairy Queen store they had ever seen.
Devra C.

Dairy Queen Franchisee