High Temp Smokehouse Penetration Probe – Stainless Armor


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This probe will survive longer than other probes when stepped on, manhandled, kinked, or slammed in a door. It can be exposed to direct flames but flames can spike above this probes max. temperature. This probe should not be immersed past the stainless probe section. The armor is not easily closed in a regular home oven door, so choose a different probe for standard kitchen use. You can still break this probe if you try, but it is the toughest probe available.

Range: -103 to 662°F (-75 to 350°C)

Cable Range: -103 to 662°F (-75 to 350°C)

Cable Length : 78" (2 meters)

Type K probe is compatible with the BlueTherm One, TempTest 2 Blue, and Cooper Atkins Blue2 temperature probes.

WARNING: Do not use on flames that have been contaminated by grease or other oils as this can cause the temperature to spike upwards to 1000 degrees.

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