Communication is Key

Jolt Communication Manager is the fastest way to get information to all of your stores and employees.


Smart, Fast, Effective

Ensure that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way, with Jolt Communication Manager. Upon log-in, employees receive your notifications. You receive confirmation that your notification was received and understood through built in quizzes.

Jolt Communication Manager Features:

Instantly communicate with your entire team, or just specific roles, with the click of a button.

Announcements with Quizzes

The Jolt Communication Manager includes a fast and easy way to distribute information and policy changes to all your employees.

  • Quiz employees to ensure comprehension
  • Display text, videos, pdfs, excel, word, and powerpoint
  • Create as many quizzes as you would like

Powerful Reporting

Eliminate the possibility of your important information being overlooked or not understood.

  • See who has completed each announcement
  • Keep everyone up to speed
  • Ensure that all employees view important notices

Message Blasts

Send SMS and/or email messages directly to individual employees or teams using their personal contact information. 


Use Jolt Communication Manager To Handle:

  • Product Recalls
  • Food Safety Announcements
  • Policy & SOP Changes
  • Promotions, LTO's & Menu Updates
  • And More


Jolt Communication Manager has made follow up with my team much more efficient. What really takes the cake is the capability to ask questions to make sure your crew actually reads the memo.
Isaac Ryba
Culver's Franchisee
The ability to share documents and announcements to all of my staff at once is great. We share a weekly update newsletter so all managers are aware of what is going on. It has helped keep everyone focused on our goals. They look forward to it each week to see where they rank.
Josh Riedel
McDonald's Franchisee
We all work really hard to build a brand that people trust. Knowing that trust can be lost in an instant is why my company uses Jolt Communication Manager to relay our Recall, Pull & Hold, and Urgent Notification SOP. "
C-Store Franchisee

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