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Refer A Friend and Get Rewarded!

1. If you have a friend who could benefit from Jolt in their business, complete & submit this form.

  • Be sure to enter their information completely so that we can contact them.
  • Be sure to enter your information completely so we can send a reward to you.

2. We’ll share the Jolt solution with your friend, and when they sign up with Jolt, we’ll send you a reward.  

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  • By submitting this form you agree to the accuracy of your submission and agree to be contacted at the information supplied. Inaccurate submission will lead to no compensation.
  • Referring party submitting this form may not be or affiliated with the Jolt subscriber referred in this submission to be eligible.
  • Upon referred party subscribing to Jolt, referring party will get credit for all additional locations that are added up to 30 days after first location subscription.
  • The $50 promotion will be processed on the 25th of the month, following a full calendar month, after the credit was earned. 
  • Rights to issue or deny referral submissions payments are at the sole discretion of Jolt.
  • For every location that is referred and subscribes to a new Jolt account within 30 days of your submission, we’ll send you $50. To clarify, if you know someone that has 10 locations and they sign up all 10 of those locations, that’s $500, not just $50.
  • Existing Jolt subscribers prior to this form submission are ineligible for referral compensation.
  • Payment will come in the form of a Amazon gift card.

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