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With Jolt Lists, your entire team naturally does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. Turn guesswork into great work.

Jolt List Module


Make Completing Work on Time, Easier

Convert your current paper checklists or spreadsheets into smart, digital lists in minutes. Automate task management, corrective actions, and text, email, & push notifications for overdue, out of range, and incomplete tasks.

Visible, Flexible, Easy

“Jolt provides us with the transparency we need to let our above store leadership see how well systems are being executed at the stores. It’s an intuitive platform that’s easy to learn. The customization options allow us to build the lists we need and tailor them to the issues we’re trying to tackle. Jolt is helping us mature as a company, both with technology and with operational execution.”

– Chris English, Field Training Manager, Zaxby’s Corporate

Ultimate Flexibility

Jolt is extremely customizable and will help you drive brand consistency between your different locations.

  • Convert your current paper checklists or spreadsheets into smart, digital lists in minutes
  • Zero roadblocks. During roll-out, you can customize different locations with different setups (ie equipment, layouts, etc)
  • Jolt Lists contain over 18 different item types. Decide when tasks appear and when they are due.

Jolt List Items


Increase task completion rate and speed.

Clean Restaurant Using Jolt

Done Your Way

  • Attach training videos or documents to any task for employee reference and just-in-time training
  • Gamification to motivate task completion and reward employees
  • Require employees to upload media content, or engage with location verification in order to mark a task as complete.

Automate Workflows

Automate notifications and corrective actions for overdue, out of range, and incomplete tasks. Improve consumer confidence through sanitation and safety checklists. No one can fake temperature logs or other critical tasks anymore.

  • Employee name and timestamps for all completed tasks
  • Integrated temperature probes with Jolt Touchless Temperature Capture™ makes accuracy assured
  • Integrated Jolt Logbook to streamline communication

Jolt Workflows
Jolt List Reporting

Create Accountability

Tackle challenges with consistent processes and build consistency in your brand. Create standard lists that can be used across all stores, and drill into performance to ensure consistency across your enterprise. View real-time reports to track:

  • Critical tasks
  • Employee performance,
  • Location vs location
  • Brand performance

Frequently Asked Lists Questions

What is Jolt Task Management?
Jolt Task Management converts traditional checklists into digital formats with significant feature enhancements, increasing task efficiency across business operations.

Can I customize the checklists?
Yes, Jolt’s checklists are fully customizable to fit specific operational needs, with more than 20 different item types that allow for the ultimate flexibility to meet your every need.

How does Jolt enhance task completion rates?
Jolt digitizes tasks, automates processes, provides easy access and visibility, and real time notifications for overdue or out of range tasks, which dramatically improves completion rates.

Can I monitor tasks in real-time?
Yes, Jolt provides real-time monitoring of tasks and instant alerts when tasks go overdue or are out of the appropriate range, allowing managers to track progress and address issues promptly.

Is Jolt Task Management available on mobile devices?
Yes, it is accessible on mobile devices, enabling staff to view and complete tasks from anywhere.

How does Jolt ensure task compliance?
Jolt sends alerts and reminders to ensure tasks are completed on time, supporting compliance with operational standards.

Can Jolt integrate with other systems?
Yes, Jolt can integrate with various POS and business management systems to streamline operations using its open API.

What types of tasks can I manage with Jolt?
Jolt can manage a wide range of tasks, from daily operational checklists to safety compliance and maintenance records.  Any checklist or form can be digitized and dramatically improved using Jolt’s system with 20+ different item types.

Does Jolt support recurring tasks?
Yes, you can set up recurring tasks on a schedule within Jolt to ensure routine tasks are not ever overlooked.

How can Jolt help in training new employees?
Jolt’s task lists can be used as training guides with embedded training documents, videos, etc., helping new employees and even those who may have forgotten how to do a particular task, understand exactly how to perform their responsibilities and workflows.

What reporting capabilities does Jolt offer?
Jolt provides detailed reports on task completion, employee performance, and operational efficiency.  These can even be customized to allow you to compare locations or even groups of locations against each other.  

Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can create?
No, Jolt does not limit the number of tasks or even lists you can create and manage.  

How does Jolt handle task delegation?
Managers can assign tasks directly to team members or team member roles.

Can I track the time taken to complete tasks?
Yes, Jolt tracks the time employees spend on tasks and entire lists, providing insights into productivity and operational efficiency.

What kind of support does Jolt offer?
Jolt offers live customer support via phone and email services to address any system issues.  Jolt’s support phone number is 877-396-4112 and email is  

How secure is the data in Jolt Task Management?
Jolt employs robust security measures including routine 3rd party audits and certifications to protect data and ensure privacy and compliance.  A detailed description of Jolt’s security measures can be found at  

Can I use Jolt for project management?
While primarily designed for task management, Jolt’s features can support certain aspects of project management.

How do I access historical task data?
Jolt stores historical data both in the app and on the Jolt management portal, which can be accessed through its reporting and analytics features for review and analysis.

What industries benefit most from using Jolt Task Management?
Industries like restaurants, grocery, convenience, retail, and hospitality benefit greatly from Jolt’s task management due to the high demand for compliance and efficiency.  Any industry with high employee turnover will also benefit from the consistency Jolt provides its operations.  


Does Jolt Task Management support multilingual operations?
Yes, Jolt supports multiple languages, making it suitable for diverse workforces and multinational operations.  Jolt is currently used by customers in well over 50 countries.

How does Jolt impact employee accountability?
By tracking task assignments and completions, Jolt helps hold employees accountable and ensures transparency in task management.  Jolt also reduces employee turnover by ensuring that high performing employees receive the recognition they deserve.

Can Jolt help reduce operational costs?
Yes, by streamlining task management and improving efficiency, Jolt can help reduce labor costs and minimize errors.  Jolt allows organizations to do more with fewer employees.

How do I set up notifications for task deadlines?
Jolt allows managers to set up customizable notifications for themselves and their teams to meet deadlines effectively.  Management can also set up notifications for any task that is close to being due, goes overdue, or is out of range.

What is the process for updating task lists?
Task lists in Jolt can be updated directly through the management dashboard, allowing for real-time adjustments.  While Jolt customer support representatives are always available to help, customers can always make these changes themselves as well.  Jolt empowers customers to actively change their operations at anytime, and push out those changes to all locations with the click of a button.

Can I print tasks or reports from Jolt?
Yes, tasks, checklists, and forms can be printed directly from Jolt for record-keeping or operational needs.

How does Jolt ensure the quality of task execution?
Jolt allows for photo verification, probe or sensor readings, detailed notes, etc. ensuring tasks are performed to the required standards.

What happens if a task is not completed on time?
Jolt can escalate notifications to higher management to address delayed tasks, ensuring operational continuity.

Can I generate compliance reports using Jolt?
Yes, Jolt can generate compliance reports that help in adhering to industry regulations and standards.  These are great for health department and other industry auditors.

How is training provided for new Jolt users?
Jolt offers online tutorials, documentation, videos, and live support to ensure users are proficient in using the platform.

Can Jolt handle peak business hours with increased task loads?
Jolt is designed to efficiently manage increased task loads during peak business hours, maintaining performance without slowdowns.

What backup options are available for Jolt data?
Data within Jolt is backed up in the cloud across multiple AWS regions, ensuring it is secure and accessible even in the event of local failures.

How customizable are the analytics and reporting features?
Jolt offers highly customizable reporting features that allow businesses to tailor analytics to their specific needs.

Can Jolt be used across different departments or locations within the same organization?
Yes, Jolt’s flexible configuration allows it to be used across various departments or locations, centralizing task management in one platform.


How does Jolt support sustainability in task management?
Jolt promotes paperless operations, dramatically reducing paper waste and encouraging eco-friendly practices within businesses.

What kind of alerts does Jolt offer for task management?
Jolt allows customization of alerts for task deadlines, changes, and completions, ensuring team members and management are always informed.

How can Jolt accommodate seasonal changes in business operations?
Jolt’s flexible task scheduling system allows for adjustments to task frequencies and priorities based on seasonal business demands.

Is there a feedback mechanism within Jolt for task improvement?
Yes, Jolt includes features for team members to provide feedback on tasks such as notes, photos with markup, and videos which can help refine processes and improve efficiency.

How does Jolt handle data privacy concerns?
Jolt complies with major data protection regulations and employs strong security measures to protect user and business data.  A detailed description of Jolt’s privacy measures can be found at 

Can Jolt be accessed through various devices?
Yes, Jolt is device agnostic, meaning it can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring accessibility for all users.  As a manager, you also have the ability to limit which devices have access to your account.  

How does Jolt facilitate team collaboration?
Jolt’s shared lists across roles and real-time updates foster collaboration by keeping the entire team aligned on task completion and deadlines.

Does Jolt offer any tools for prioritizing tasks?
Jolt provides tools to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, helping teams focus on critical items first.  Jolt also has options to allow users to create a “Bank” of items that can be completed when all critical tasks are complete.  

What happens if a task is incorrectly completed in Jolt?
Jolt allows for tasks to be revisited and corrected, with comprehensive tracking of user, dates, times, and results, to ensure issues are addressed and learned from.

Can Jolt manage tasks for large teams?
Absolutely, Jolt is scalable and can effectively manage tasks for teams of any size, from small groups to large enterprises.

What customization options are available for Jolt’s interface?
Jolt offers several interface customization options to enhance user experience and meet specific business requirements.

How does Jolt contribute to overall business efficiency?
By streamlining task management, reducing errors, enhancing communication, and increasing accountability, Jolt significantly boosts overall business efficiency.  Businesses can do more with fewer resources.

You are only limited by
your imagination.

Use Jolt’s Task Management Features For:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Temperature & Food Safety Logs
  • Opening and Closing Checklists
  • Travel Path & Pre-Shift Checklists
  • Manager Walk-thru
  • Daily & Weekly Cleaning Checklists
  • Inspections & Audit Forms
  • New Hire & Onboarding Checklists
  • Hand Washing Checklist
  • And More

Why Our Customers Love Jolt Lists

It has provided me peace of mind while not in the stores which, as a restaurant operator, is a big deal. I can feel comfortable knowing that the things I expect to get done each and every day are being completed to the standards set, not only by myself but by Smoothie King as well. And when things aren’t done, I love that I receive automatic notifications on my phone.

Bradley W.

Smoothie King Operator

We’ve cut review time by 60%. And we’ve increased the accuracy of our documentation because there’s ways of knowing who did what, at what time.  Jolt is a key part of moving our business forward operationally.

Jamie S.


I would say to those on the fence that you shouldn’t think about it a second longer! You should get Jolt now because it’s one of the best programs that we have ever worked with, both here now and in the future because Jolt is always innovating and willing to work with companies to meet their needs. They are constantly coming up with new tools to help companies and the marketplace.

Dan I.

A&W Franchisee

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