Team Accountability

Verify Tasks are Being Completed

If you’re looking for an organized workplace that delivers better services and maintains consistent work processes, Jolt is the team accountability software your business needs. Jolt allows you to monitor your employees’ activities without being physically present, ensuring that work is completed even in your absence.



Q: What is Jolt’s team accountability software?

A: Jolt’s team accountability software is a comprehensive solution designed to improve employee productivity, maintain consistent work processes, and track employee activities. It ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, even in the manager’s absence, and fosters better communication and collaboration within teams.


Q: How does Jolt help with employee productivity tracking?

A: Jolt’s employee productivity tracker ensures consistent processes, cleanliness, and improved service speed for every team member. It includes features like checklist items with Photo/QR Code Verification, task tracking, and real-time notifications, allowing managers to monitor employee activities and productivity.


Q: How does Jolt promote consistent processes in the workplace?

A: Jolt streamlines work processes, systems, and workflows, fostering clarity and eliminating confusion, frustration, and conflict. Its features, like the logbook, encourage employee accountability and facilitate smooth communication, leading to more efficient and effective workplace processes.


Q: How does Jolt support on-the-spot training and employee onboarding?

A: Jolt’s information library allows you to store resources and training materials, such as instructional videos, recipes, tutorials, and photos. Employees can access these materials for guidance on tasks, ensuring quick and efficient learning without the need for lengthy training sessions or constant supervision.


Q: How does Jolt ensure cleanliness in the workplace?

A: Jolt helps maintain a clean work environment by allowing managers to set clear workplace principles and schedule cleaning tasks for employees. It facilitates consistent training and education on workplace cleanliness and supports proactive actions for maintaining a hygienic and safe environment.


Q: What features does Jolt offer for food safety standards?

A: Jolt provides time-saving and complete food safety checks, employee efficiency and flexibility, and health-compliant standards. It includes features like sensors for monitoring food and beverage temperature, quick temperature logs, safety checks, and easy food labeling with auto-calculating date labels.


Q: How does Jolt improve service speed?

A: Jolt enables fast and efficient service by providing real-time notifications, streamlined communication, and easy access to important information. This helps businesses deliver products, services, and information more quickly, improving overall customer satisfaction.


Q: How can Jolt enhance employee engagement?

A: Jolt fosters employee engagement by promoting a well-structured workplace with clear communication, a well-defined culture, and involvement in the creative process. It allows employees to provide feedback and express their opinions, leading to a more committed and productive workforce.


Q: What features does Jolt offer for team communication?

A: Jolt’s team communication features include voice and video recordings, and feedback tools. These features facilitate effective communication among team members, regardless of their location, and promote a more collaborative and cohesive work environment.


Q: How do real-time notifications work in Jolt’s employee accountability software?

A: Jolt’s real-time notifications provide immediate, accurate, and comprehensive data on various activities within the organization. Managers receive notifications when issues need addressing. These notifications help automate activities and keep everyone alert to problems, as well as their duties and responsibilities.



Cleaner Stores, Faster Service, and On-The-Spot Training

Jolt uses photo proof to improve employee behavior for cleaner kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. In addition, on-the-spot training exemplifies clear procedures that employees can easily follow and execute.


Cleaner Stores

On-the-spot Training

The solution to common business challenges is right at your fingertips. Jolt offers on-the-spot training to help new employees learn the organization’s workflow and complete tasks efficiently. The information library within the employee accountability software allows you to store resources and training materials, such as instructional videos, recipes, tutorials, photos, and other essential resources, in an organized manner. When employees face a difficult or unclear task, they can quickly access these materials for guidance.

Long training sessions and assigning trainers to instruct others during work hours are no longer necessary. Employees can work independently by logging into their unique home screen and accessing the training information and associated tasks they need to work on.  It is very common for Jolt’s customers to report back in shock, saying that their brand new employee is immediately outperforming many of their seasoned employees, because the new employee is simply following the process.

Benefits of video training include:

  • Versatility: Videos can be created in various styles, such as animation, live-action, or text overlay, to introduce employees to new products and services.
  • Trackability: You can monitor employee engagement with training materials through available metrics to determine how many employees are completing their training.
  • Consistent Learning Experience: Traditional live training can be inconsistent across different teams, but video training ensures everyone receives the same learning resources and experiences.

Consistent Processes & Employee Engagement

Successful businesses require consistent work processes, systems, and workflows for their teams to follow.


Consistent Processes

Ineffective work processes can lead to wasted money, workplace conflicts, and negative impacts on services rendered and team relationships.

Jolt ensures consistency in your team’s processes, fostering clarity and eliminating frustration, confusion, and unnecessary conflict in the workplace. Various aspects of the software promote accountability, such as the checklists feature that uses Photo/QR Code Verification to confirm that employees are in the right location and performing their tasks correctly.

With Jolt, you have a system that supports your business strategy, allowing you to evaluate each area of your business, gather feedback, assess employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and improve work performance.

Employee Productivity Tracker

An employee productivity tracker ensures tasks are completed correctly and on time, as every employee must fulfill their responsibilities for a business to thrive.

Jolt is an employee productivity tracker that promotes consistent processes and cleanliness while improving the service speed of each team member. This employee accountability software ensures that everyone in the workplace is performing their duties, allowing you to focus on your customers and generate more revenue.

Improved Employee Engagement

Jolt fosters a healthy relationship between the organization and its employees, enhancing employee engagement.  Employee turnover is dramatically reduced when employees have a true understanding of what is expected of them, and Jolt provides this perfectly.  A positive work environment boosts employees’ cognitive and behavioral skills, allowing them to perform effectively in their roles. 

Employee engagement improves when:

  • The workplace has well-structured and implemented standards
  • Clear and effective communication exists among all team members
  • Workplace culture is well-defined and followed
  • Employees are involved in the work and creative processes of all aspects of the organization
  • Managers and leaders operate with transparency and unity

Jolt can help you achieve all these and more in your organization.

Video on Jolt Tablet
Clean Restaurant Using Jolt

Cleaner Stores

Jolt emphasizes cleanliness, promoting cleaner stores, bathrooms, reception areas, and overall organization.


Cleaner Stores

To ensure cleanliness with Jolt, set clear workplace principles for employees to follow and implement. Regular sensitization, training, and continuous education on workplace cleanliness can be done seamlessly with Jolt. You can also schedule cleaning tasks for employees or designate cleaning days during which everyone is required to clean specific items or areas.

By establishing policies within the organization, it will be easier to maintain a clean work environment. Workplaces such as restaurants and stores can use team accountability software like Jolt to make cleanliness more effective.

What Jolt can do for you:

  • Simplify and automate tasks
  • Gather and track information, prompting proactive action by managers
  • Set food safety standards
  • Control tools and equipment in one place
  • Track customer complaints data, health department notifications, and employee cleanliness scores
  • Provide alerts or notifications when certain cleaning items are late, or incomplete
  • Much more

One of the most important aspects of Jolt employee accountability software is food safety standards.

Food Safety Standards

Jolt is a unique food safety software that ensures your restaurant serves hot, fresh, and health-compliant food. You no longer have to worry about keeping perishable ingredients fresh.

As a digital operations software, Jolt provides sensors that automatically monitor the temperature of your food and beverages to ensure they are kept at the correct temperature. Employees will also have access to quick temperature logs and safety checks and can quickly show them to corporate or health department auditors upon request.  Managers receive automatic alerts when issues or potential problems arise in the workplace, allowing them to address concerns before they escalate or impact food safety.


Jolt offers:

  • Time-saving and comprehensive food safety checks
  • Enhanced employee efficiency and flexibility
  • Compliance with health standards

Another food safety feature is Jolt’s easy food labeling system. With accurate auto-calculating date labeling, you can track and deliver fresh food. Labels include a name, date, and timestamp, and anything else you need to display on a label.  The touch-to-print system streamlines workflow and saves significant time and money. You’ll never have to worry about inspection day again while delivering health-compliant food quickly and efficiently.

Fast Service

Deliver fast service across all your locations
with real-time reports, alerts, and text notifications.


Improve Service Speed

With Jolt’s fast service, you can confidently promise customers speedy delivery and uphold that promise. Provide prompt service at all your locations with real-time notifications and establish a reputation for reliability and swift delivery.

Jolt enables you to deliver products, services, and information quickly. Effective communication among workers is essential for a business to operate efficiently.

Access all your information in one place. Simply click to distribute and deliver information to everyone in the organization. Jolt not only allows you to distribute information but also store essential information accessible by all team members, including:

  • Food safety logs
  • Operational guides
  • Manuals
  • Recipes
  • Handbooks
  • Video training
  • Food certificates
  • Customer information
  • Employee data
  • And more…

With Jolt, you don’t have to worry about losing valuable content and information. Save it all in one place and easily remove or delete incorrect or irrelevant data. Cut costs on printing and distribution by using Jolt.

Real-time Notifications

Jolt’s employee accountability software provides real-time notifications and reports on customers, employees, inventories, and every aspect of the organization. Real-time notifications offer accurate, immediate, and comprehensive data on organizational activities.

With Jolt’s real-time notifications, you’ll receive alerts when:

  • Employees clock in and clock out 
  • Changes with employee availability
  • Temperatures that are out-of-range
  • Storage items/inventories need to be removed or replaced
  • Ingredients or materials run out and need restocking
  • Issues arise in the organization that require immediate attention from a manager or employee
  • Tasks that are overdue or incomplete
  • Items that are out of the specified range
  • And more…

Jolt allows you to automate workplace activities, ensuring everyone remains aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Jolt List Alerts
Chick-fil-A Logo
“Jolt has been instrumental in helping us improve the communications with our teams as well as streamlining many of our daily tasks, like food safety checks, cleaning checklists, and deposit logs. Jolt saves our management teams a great deal of time every day so they can focus on running great restaurants. We are so glad we found it.”


–Bryant P., Owner/Operator | 25 Locations

Create Accountability With These Solutions

Jolt Lists

With Jolt Lists, your entire team naturally does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. Turn guesswork into great work.

Jolt Information Library

Provide employee training and store content in one central hub.


Jolt Communication Manager

Ensure that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Team Communication Software

Every team in the workplace communicates differently. To improve team communication, you need team accountability software like Jolt. The workplace is composed of diverse individuals with different backgrounds and mindsets. It is the organization’s responsibility to bridge the gap between these differences and find a common way to set expectations in a way that unites each team member.  Again, this is the power of Jolt.

Effective communication is essential for helping team members form workplace relationships and understand one another’s working styles.  To improve team communication, it is important to first simplify the process. Here are some ways team members communicate within the organization:

  1. Verbal Communication: Verbal communication involves speaking to one another and conveying information through spoken words. In a physical or non-remote workplace, verbal communication is a common method for sharing information. However, sometimes relying on this can become a game of “telephone,” where the end result is not at all what was communicated to the first person in the line.  Jolt enables effective verbal communication even when team members are not in the same room or location by allowing voice or video recordings to be sent through the software.
  2. Non-verbal Communication: This type of communication is primarily done through body language, facial expressions, or gestures. Although it may seem complex to communicate non-verbally with someone who is not physically present, again Jolt’s ability to connect videos to items, logbook entries, and trainings, allows for effective non-verbal communication between team members.
  3. Feedback: A well-structured and inclusive workplace should allow for feedback, enabling team members to express their frustrations, ideas, or excitement. This healthy practice promotes productivity and effective communication among team members. Feedback can be formal or informal, and Jolt makes providing feedback easier. Employees can conduct surveys and leave written or oral feedback within the app. Team leaders can also evaluate employee behavior using this method, and team members can leave suggestions, and opinions on various matters in the logbook.

With Jolt, you can explore new and creative ideas, and every team member can express themselves, fostering a sense of commitment and engagement among employees.

In conclusion, Jolt is a comprehensive team accountability software that addresses numerous aspects of business management, from improving communication and employee engagement to ensuring food safety and cleanliness. By adopting Jolt for your organization, you can streamline processes, enhance team cohesion, and boost productivity, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of your business through true team accountability.

These features and more,
all in one place with Jolt.

Team Accountability Features

    • Real-Time Reports & Notifications
    • Checklist Completion Alerts
    • Customizable Checklists
    • Daily, Repeatable Checklists
    • Time-Based Checklists
    • Assign Work by Role
    • Name & Time Stamp Every Task
    • Photo Proof of Work Completed
    • Task Location Verification
    • Incident Report Management
    • Corrective Action Accountability

See What Our Customers Have To Say:

Jolt saved all of my ice cream before any of my employees even noticed there was a problem with the walk-in freezer.
Eric K.

Baskin Robbins Franchisee

Since implementing Jolt three years ago we have seen an increase in our inspection scores across all of our locations. Furthermore, Jolt has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars from failed audits, labor costs, failed freezer units going out, and so much more.

Chad L.

Zaxby’s Operator

Our store recently got an evaluation from EcoSure and we received a Pride Award. The person doing the inspection said it was the cleanest Dairy Queen store they had ever seen.

Devra C.

Dairy Queen Franchisee

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