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Let Jolt take care of the time tracking while you effortlessly record temperatures with a probe during your cooking and cooling processes. Jolt simplifies your operations by replacing old cooling logs and hot holding logs with user-friendly software that anyone can master.

Temperatures on Jolt


Meticulous, Fast, Effective

Cooling logs and Hot Holding logs are essential documents used in commercial kitchens and food service establishments to accurately track the cooling process of cooked food items. These logs are not only a part of food safety protocols but are often mandated by health departments to ensure that food is handled properly and stored to prevent foodborne illnesses. Jolt Time and Temperature processes provide detailed records for every process, prompt employees to measure the temperature, instruct individuals to take corrective actions if a temperature threshold is not met, prepare everyone for their next audit, and ensure consistency across all store locations.


    Pass audits, save money, and protect customers.

    Jolt Sensor Alerts

    Proactive Temperature Monitoring

    Monitor temperature changes proactively, track equipment health, eliminate human error, and reduce labor costs with Jolt’s advanced temperature monitoring system. Protect your customers, maintain food safety standards, and experience seamless audits with accurate, reliable technology.


    Why Track Temperatures?

    Using freezer and refrigeration temperature sensors to monitor temperatures is essential for many reasons. It’s not only required by food safety regulations to protect customers, but it can also help you run your business more efficiently. Remote fridge & freezer temperature monitoring means you won’t have to worry about losing products due to equipment failure. You’ll be alerted instantly if temperatures fall outside the acceptable range, which saves you money and keeps your customers safe.

    By implementing Jolt’s remote temperature monitoring system, you can enjoy various benefits, including:

    1. Centralized monitoring of all equipment
    2. Preventing inventory loss
    3. Improving food safety
    4. Automating manual operations
    5. Reducing labor costs
    6. Ensuring customer safety
    7. Hassle-free audits and inspection

    Jolt Remote Temperature Sensors can monitor various equipment, including freezers, fridges, broilers, shake machines, and even lobby temperatures.

    Eliminate Human Error

    Government agencies have established a 2-hour, 4-hour cooling rule to ensure food cools correctly. Don’t leave these steps to pen and paper. Use Jolt, a reliable and precise tool, to ensure each step is followed to reduce the risks of foodborne illness. With Jolt, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your food is always maintained at safe temperatures and monitored using accurate technology.


    Isn’t It Cheaper to Do It By Hand?

    In a perfect world, maybe it would be. As it is, however, life is full of unforeseen circumstances, emergent situations, and imperfect people. Some of the common problems with tracking temperature by hand are: 

    • Habit reduces diligence: It is too easy to fall into the habit of checking off a box on a form without performing the actual checks. This is particularly true for busy people with several routine tasks to complete for every shift. 
    • People are forgetful: People aren’t machines. Things will inevitably happen to distract us from the task at hand, no matter how important. Even the most well-trained and experienced people can’t be expected to be 100% perfect in the performance of all their work duties, all the time. 
    • No alert system for emergencies: In the event that there is a loss of power, surge in temperature, or other unexpected situation, no one will be notified until the next scheduled in-person temperature check. By then, it may be too late to prevent or reverse any damage. Losses of power that happen during closing hours are particularly liable not to be detected until the damage is done unless you have an effective temperature measurement sensor system in place. 

    These and countless other issues that could prevent timely and accurate temperature measurements can easily result in massive financial loss due to temperature fluctuations that go unnoticed. Entire shipments, inventories, and freezers full of food at times need to be thrown away due to something as simple as a cooler that was accidentally unplugged and went unnoticed. 

    In some cases, too, failure to properly check food temperatures can lead to illness, which the restaurant or food service company may be held liable for in civil court. Even if your company escapes being sued, you can bet that a customer who fell ill after eating your establishment’s food will leave a scathing review, at the very least. 

    Investing in a reliable temperature monitoring system can easily prevent such catastrophic losses. 

    Components of a Fridge & Freezer Temperature Monitoring System

    Although fridge and freezer temperature monitoring systems have many components, they’re easy to understand and use. Here’s a brief overview of each element:

    • Temperature sensor: Senses and monitors the temperature in refrigerators, freezers, or other kitchen equipment.
    • Thermal buffer: Buffers temperature readings against temporary air temperature shifts, such as when doors are opened.
    • Temperature Measurement Device: Detects and measures the temperature using probes or infrared sensors.
    • Data Storage: Collects and stores temperature data for easy access and auditing.
    • Alarms and Alerts: Notifies you and your management team of any critical temperature issues, allowing you to address them quickly and prevent potential problems.
    Jolt On Tablet with Probe


    Many organizations have a common problem remembering it’s time to record a temperature. Some kitchens even temp their food every hour because it’s hard to remember the 2-hour/4-hour rules. Not to mention that they start different products at different times. Jolt has figured out how to simplify your solutions. Jolt has a multi-colored light that is wirelessly connected to your temp logs. When getting close to record the time the light will turn red. When and when you are about out of time it will start blinking red. Jolt makes it easy to let folks know that they need to take a temperature, and it’s not another loud beeping sound you can’t hear because it’s in a noisy environment.


    Jolt Puts Security First

    Pass Food Safety Inspections with Ease

    With Jolt’s freezer and refrigeration temperature sensors, you’ll be able to access temperature logs and reports quickly from any computer or mobile device. This means food safety checks can be completed faster and more efficiently, keeping your business compliant without sacrificing speed. You’ll be able to pass food safety inspections and audits without any worries!

    Jolt Protects Customer Information

    Jolt understands the importance of data security and regulatory compliance. The temperature monitoring system adheres to strict security protocols and industry standards, ensuring that your data is protected and your business remains compliant with all relevant regulations.

    Secure and Accessible Data Storage

    Trust Jolt with your temperature data storage needs. We utilize cloud computing technology to provide accessible storage without the worry of on-site hardware. Your data is securely stored, well-organized, and readily available whenever you need it.

    Convenient Wireless Data Access

    Access current temperature readings and other measurements on any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world. Review archived data without being physically present at the sensor location. Save, download, share, and examine stored data at your convenience, whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

    Experience Hassle-free Audits

    Rest assured, our time and temperature solution ensures the accuracy and reliability of every temperature recorded. No more relying on pictures of temperature logs written on a whiteboard or paper log books that could be ruined by water. Say goodbye to the worry of people filling out the logs incorrectly or untimely. Even if an auditor wants to scrutinize the temperature measurements at a later date, it’s not a problem. You can export all of the log data to excel or google sheets, maintaining the integrity of your records. 


    Tech Made Easy

    Customizable Reporting

    Generate custom reports based on your unique requirements, enabling you to analyze temperature data and identify trends over time. Jolt’s reporting capabilities help you make informed decisions, optimize processes, and maintain the highest standards of safety and compliance.

    Keep Your Cold Storage at Optimal Temps

    With Jolt’s temperature monitoring system, you won’t have to stress about your cold storage. You’ll be notified if temperatures ever fall outside the range you set. This means you can monitor all your equipment in one place, avoid inventory loss, and improve food safety. Jolt’s reliable system lets you monitor fridge and freezer temperatures from one convenient platform, making it easier than ever to ensure food quality and safety.

    World Class Customer Support

    Jolt’s dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Receive guidance, troubleshooting assistance, and expert advice to ensure that your temperature monitoring system is operating at its best.

    Jolt’s remote temperature sensors provide an unparalleled solution for businesses looking to optimize their temperature monitoring and management processes. By incorporating advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces, customizable features, and dedicated customer support, Jolt delivers a reliable and efficient system that safeguards your inventory, reputation, and bottom line. Choose Jolt for your temperature monitoring needs and experience the advantages of a trusted, innovative solution.

    Work With Jolt

    By using Jolt’s remote fridge and freezer temperature sensors, you can revolutionize your business automation and enhance overall performance. Monitoring temperatures throughout your operations is crucial to cutting losses, improving efficiency, and maintaining compliance with food safety standards. You’ll also leave your customers happier than ever!
    Don’t miss the opportunity to streamline your business with Jolt’s innovative technology. Try their freezer and refrigeration temperature sensor system today and experience the benefits for yourself!

    Audits in Jolt

    Jolt Processes

    Jolt Time and Temperature out of the box processes:

    • Cool Down
    • Room Temp Cool Down
    • Reheat
    • Hot Hold
    • Cold Hold
    • Hot Hold to Cool Down

    These are ready to go, and if you need something different no problem, you can make your own.

    Frequently Asked Time & Temperature Questions

    What is Jolt Time and Temperature Logs (T&T)?
    Jolt Time and Temperature Logs simplifies temperature tracking during food preparation, storage, holding, and cooling.  It replaces manual logs with digital solutions that ensure food is handled correctly during critical processes.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs enhance food safety?
    It provides real-time temperature monitoring and alerts to ensure food safety standards are met.

    Can Jolt Time and Temperature Logs help with health inspections?
    Yes, it ensures accurate record-keeping for easy compliance during health inspections.  Jolt is the only system that proactively helps your team members monitor critical processes such as cooling, heating, holding, and storage.  All information that health inspectors need is quickly at your team members fingertips.  

    Is Jolt Time and Temperature Logs suitable for any food service business?
    Yes, it’s designed for any business that requires precise temperature monitoring like restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more.

    How does the system notify if temperatures are out of range?
    Jolt Time and Temperature Logs uses alerts to notify staff immediately if temperatures deviate from set ranges.  It also walks staff through the exact process that needs to be followed to ensure safe food.  

    Can Jolt Time and Temperature Logs integrate with other Jolt products?
    Yes, it integrates seamlessly with other Jolt solutions for comprehensive operational management.

    Does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs require special equipment?
    It works with Jolt-approved sensors and probes to monitor temperatures accurately and effortlessly.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs contribute to operational efficiency?
    It automates temperature monitoring, reducing labor and minimizing human error.

    What types of reports can Jolt Time and Temperature Logs generate?
    It can produce detailed reports for audits, compliance, and operational review.  It also ensures that the correct number of processes are completed each day.  Jolt has literally had customers crying tears of joy (not an exaggeration) when they saw how robust the reporting for Time and Temperature Logs is.  They were able to reduce days of work each month compared to their previous processes.  

    Does Jolt offer support for Time and Temperature Logs users?
    Jolt provides full customer support for installation, troubleshooting, and usage of Time and Temperature Logs.  Jolt’s support phone number is 877-396-4112 and email is

    Can data from Jolt Time and Temperature Logs be accessed remotely?
    Yes, temperature data and logs can be accessed remotely via any internet-connected device.

    How secure is data within the Jolt Time and Temperature Logs system?
    Jolt employs robust security measures including routine 3rd party audits and certifications to protect data and ensure privacy and compliance.  A detailed description of Jolt’s security measures can be found at  

    What customization options are available in Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Users can customize alerts, reports, and monitoring settings according to their specific needs.  Any Time and Temperature process can be customized to fit your particular needs.

    How can Jolt Time and Temperature Logs save money for businesses?
    By preventing inventory loss and reducing waste due to temperature issues, it saves money and enhances profitability.  Correctly performing Time & Temperature Logs will also dramatically reduce liability for foodborne illnesses.  

    Can I see a demo of Jolt Time and Temperature Logs in action?
    Jolt offers demos to showcase how Time and Temperature Logs works and its benefits for potential users.

    What training is provided for new Jolt Time and Temperature Logs users?
    Jolt offers comprehensive training materials and sessions to ensure users are proficient with the system.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs help in emergency situations?
    It provides immediate alerts and guidance on corrective actions if critical temperature issues arise.

    How easy is it to install Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Jolt ensures that Time and Temperature Logs are easy to install with guidance and support readily available.

    What backup options are available for data in Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Data within Jolt is backed up in the cloud across multiple AWS regions, ensuring it is secure and accessible even in the event of local failures.

    Can Jolt Time and Temperature Logs monitor multiple locations simultaneously?
    Yes, it can monitor temperatures across multiple departments or locations, providing centralized control and oversight.

    How do I update the temperature parameters in Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Temperature and other process settings can be adjusted directly through the Jolt platform for quick updates.  While Jolt customer success representatives are always available to help, you also always have the ability to update all aspects of the system remotely.  

    What is the installation cost for Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Costs can vary based on business size and specific needs; schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists today for more information about your specific requirements.

    Does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs have an impact on customer satisfaction?
    Yes, by ensuring food safety and quality, it positively impacts customer trust and satisfaction.

    How frequently is the software updated?
    Jolt regularly updates its software to enhance features and maintain compliance with industry standards.

    Can I restrict access to temperature data in Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Yes, access can be controlled to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or record temperature data.

    Does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs work in environments with both hot and cold temperatures?
    Yes, it is designed to operate reliably in both hot and cold environments.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs aid in achieving regulatory compliance?
    It ensures accurate and timely logging of temperature data, which is crucial for meeting health and safety regulations.

    Can I use Jolt Time and Temperature Logs in mobile catering or food trucks?
    Absolutely, Jolt Time and Temperature Logs is versatile and can be effectively used in mobile setups like catering services and food trucks.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs ensure accurate temperature monitoring?
    It uses digital tools to automate temperature tracking during food handling, heating, cooling, and holding, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

    What processes does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs cover?
    Jolt Time and Temperature Logs covers all standard FDA processes including cooling, hot and cold holding, reheating, and preparation.

    How does the Jolt app simplify the use of Time and Temperature Logs?
    The app automatically selects the correct process for foods added, streamlining temperature monitoring for your staff, without manual input for each item.

    What if a food is used in multiple processes?
    Jolt Time and Temperature Logs allows you to configure it to prompt users to select the correct process when a food is involved in more than one method, ensuring the correct standards are applied.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs handle simultaneous processes in large operations?
    For large operations, Jolt Time and Temperature Logs can schedule and manage simultaneous processes, keeping them organized and timely.

    What options are available for temperature measurement input in Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Temperatures can be entered via a connected probe, manually via the app, or through a remote temperature sensor.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs prioritize process attention?
    The app lists processes by their next measurement time at the top, helping users prioritize which temperatures need to be taken next.

    What happens if a temperature reading is out of the specified range?
    If temperatures deviate or if time runs out, Jolt Time and Temperature Logs mark the process as failed, prompting immediate attention or corrective action.

    Can processes be deleted or duplicated in Jolt Time and Temperature Logs?
    Yes, users can delete mistaken entries or duplicate processes for batch tasks directly through the app with the click of a button, with all actions logged for reporting.

    How does Jolt Time and Temperature Logs aid in reporting and analysis?
    Jolt Time and Temperature Logs provides detailed reports that can be filtered by date, location, employee, and other parameters, helping businesses analyze their food safety practices effectively.

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