Easily Access all Your Important Information

Provide employee training and store
content in one central hub.

Jolt Information Library


Easy, One-Click Content Distribution

Cut down on time it costs to train employees manually. Store important content and enable micro-learning within one central hub. Use Jolt Information Library to distribute and collect:

  • Operational guides
  • Food safety guides
  • Manuals
  • Food prep procedures
  • Recipes
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Handbooks
  • Health, vaccination, and testing records
  • Food sanitation certificates
  • And more


Instantly distribute Information to your entire team or just specific roles, with the click of a button–even across thousands of locations.

Jolt JPS 2000

Master Organization

Stop Shipping Content

Jolt Information Library Graphic
Information Library In Restaurants

Train in Real-Time

Eliminate Confusion

Use Jolt Information Library To Distribute:

    • Recipes
    • POP Marketing
    • Policy & SOPs
    • Promotions & LTO’s
    • HACCP Plans
    • And More

Why Our Customers Love the Jolt Information Library

New hires can now learn independently. They can watch and review items on Jolt and the trainer can follow-up with them.

Lindsay K.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Operator

I would say to those on the fence that you shouldn’t think about it a second longer! You should get Jolt now because it’s one of the best programs that we have ever worked with, both here now and in the future because Jolt is always innovating and willing to work with companies to meet their needs. They are constantly coming up with new tools to help companies and the marketplace.

Dan I.

A&W Franchisee

“Ultimately, I wanted something that works smarter, not harder. Anytime I can get back to concentrating on improving my business as opposed to keeping up with a backlog of tasks is great. Jolt helps me do that.”

Scott H.

Smoothie King Franchisee

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