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There is no longer any need to remember passwords to many different apps or search through multiple platforms, browser tabs, or paper notebooks to find all of the pertinent information you need for running your business. Jolt’s highly acclaimed retail management software features all of your most useful tools in one place. 


Retail Scheduling Software

In the past, scheduling was a complex and daunting endeavor, with every employee having different availability. It was difficult to make sure there was enough coverage for your store while avoiding unnecessary overtime or too much overlap between shifts. When you throw mandatory meetings, paid time off, sick days, unexpected absences, and tardiness into the mix, the whole task can get extremely convoluted. None of the above occurrences are of concern any longer when you allow Jolt’s retail scheduling software to handle the job. 

You can view time off requests remotely, and whether you approve them or not, the software will make the necessary changes and import them directly into the employee time clock. If one of your staff tries to clock in outside of the acceptable set parameters, the system will block their punch completely or flag the punch and send you a notification. Employees need to specify reasons for missed punches, and you can even include announcements as part of the clocking-in process. 

Employee Scheduling Has Never Been Easier 

Every aspect of Jolt’s employee scheduling software is intuitive, user-friendly, and requires no special training. If your workers need to update their hours of availability, trade shifts, or substitute for one another, they will be able to make the request and submit it for approval using Jolt’s scheduling platform. They do not need to get a supervisor or manager involved in the time off or shift change request process, which can save many hours of work time over the course of the month. Its unique drag-and-drop configuration makes it a breeze to use and offers a graphical representation of each employee’s scheduled shifts and availability. 

Even if you manage employees in multiple locations, don’t get bogged down with overly complicated spreadsheets or documents; upgrade to a scheduling system created to help you save time and money. Jolt software is designed with the needs of businesses just like yours in mind. 


Workforce Management

Jolt time clock software prevents many common problems in the retail industry, including time theft and the practice of buddy punching. Buddy punching is when one staff member clocks in for another worker who isn’t physically at the location. It is a dishonest and fraudulent practice, and it costs US businesses millions of dollars every year. Jolt solves this problem with face recognition as a component of the time clock. When an employee clocks in, the software takes a picture of their face and runs it through the facial recognition component. Any mismatches are flagged, and a notification is sent to the administrator so that they can look into the problem if it warrants further investigation. 

Another way we help your business save money is by collecting detailed information about how work hours are used. You are able to make better scheduling decisions when you have data showing you how to best utilize your company’s human resources.

Female Using Jolt In Supermarket

How We Can Help Your Store

A successful retail operation requires that several facets of the business, from customer-facing roles to warehouse staff, work together harmoniously in order to create a customer experience that brings people back and creates loyalty and trust in your business. Jolt’s top-rated software solutions are here to help your retail business streamline operations, reduce waste, enhance both employee and customer satisfaction, and much more. 


Retail Management Software Like Never Before

What really sets Jolt above and beyond the rest is its additional features and tools. Among these are:

  • Sensors: For grocery stores, candy and ice cream shops, liquor stores, plant and flower shops, pet stores, dog kennels and groomers, and any other retail business that requires temperature control, Jolt sensors can be a lifesaver. Drastically reduce inventory waste and keep your products in top shape by making sure the temperature in your shop always stays within an acceptable range. We offer industry-leading wireless sensors that are connected to wifi and to your retail management software. This means that you get notifications the instant the temperature changes to above or below your preset specifications. No matter the time of day or night, no matter where you are, you can know if there is a power outage, equipment failure, or other emergent situation that requires immediate attention in order to preserve your inventory. 
  • Labeling systems: Part of our retail management software offerings is our food labeling printers. If your retail business deals with perishable goods of any kind, it is likely that you could benefit from an improved system of labeling. Label printers are connected to the cloud so that you can sync information with all your locations. Keeping your products clearly labeled with the product name, date of creation, and date of expiration will make it easier to more efficiently manage your inventory, avoid waste, and rotate out products that are no longer fit to be sold. 
  • Information Library: Keep all of your business’s useful information in one digital and user-friendly resource. Training manuals, best practices and procedures, equipment usage manuals, contact information for distributors, suppliers, partners, and employees, and much more are all readily available on the Jolt retail management platform. 

Simply download the app on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer, and you will be able to keep your eye on your staff and quickly and easily implement changes when necessary. If you are the captain of your ship, Jolt is your rudder, keeping you on course for success. 

Cleaner Stores, Consistent Processes

Jolt uses photo proof to improve employee behavior for cleaner kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. In addition, on-the-spot training exemplifies clear procedures, and crystal clear communication; enabling employees to easily follow and execute.


Communication & Processes

Communication That’s Crystal Clear 

When you have an announcement or memo for your employees, you want to be assured that the people for whom it is intended are getting the message. Jolt’s communication software allows you to see which employees have read and understood the required information and which ones still need to be reminded. 


Get Everyone On the Same Page With Our Communication Software

Jolt software for retail management offers multiple methods for contacting employees and sharing information with your staff. Employees can receive custom notifications when they clock in for the day. These might include current sales or promotions, updates to the store’s policies and procedures, or the latest sales incentives for high performers. 

You can attach a comprehension quiz to in-app announcements as well to see if the new information is being understood. View the data related to the results of the announcement quizzes easily in the Jolt platform to determine whether the announcements are clearly written and easy to make sense of. 

Send out mass text messages and email blasts, too, by selecting entire departments, locations, or job classifications in your Jolt dashboard. Emails and texts can also be sent to individual employees in cases that require a higher degree of focused contact than the in-app announcements alone. For example, if an employee is late for their shift or has not clocked out long after their scheduled shift has finished, you can utilize the text messaging or email functions of Jolt to attempt to make contact with the employee in question. 

Track Employee Engagement 

The last thing you want to do as a business owner or manager is spend all your time at the store, watching over your employees to make sure they’re doing everything correctly. Instead, you can relax knowing that Jolt’s retail management software helps keep your employees accountable and well-trained. Remotely track when employees complete required tasks and training. Set up automatic notifications that give your team a reminder when they have not yet done something, such as complete a comprehension quiz or a task on the list.


Jolt for Restaurants
Jolt for Retail

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With Jolt, your entire team naturally completes the right task, the right way, at the right time. Turn guesswork into great work.


Organization Made Easy

Your business’s managers, supervisors, and administrative staff have enough on their plates without having to sort through tedious spreadsheets or contact lists in order to find necessary information. Your employees, too, have enough to do without needing to decide which tasks need to be completed during each shift and in what order. Jolt lists and communication manager simplifies many of the tasks that used to take up valuable work hours that could be spent better serving the customers. 


Task Management Software and Database Here to Help You

Jolt makes retail task management simple, allowing your employees to complete higher-priority tasks while staying on top of the day-to-day requirements. Without a clear and easy-to-follow structure, employees may spend too much time on tasks that do not need to be completed all at once or right away while neglecting more time-sensitive ones. 


Enhance Customer Experience 

Your employees are the face of your business. No matter how well-made your product is or how great your reputation might be, the customer’s experience ultimately depends upon the knowledge and training of individual customer-facing employees. If your employees are unaware of current promotions, uncertain about how to operate equipment or point-of-sale machines, or are not able to answer questions about your merchandise, they will not be able to exude confidence. 

This, in turn, shakes the confidence of your customer and gives them a lower impression of your company. There is no more surefire way to lose a customer than if they have a bad experience at your store. A bad experience might come in the form of negative interaction with one of the employees or seeing a messy or dirty store. 

These bad experiences can be avoided with proper training and a well-organized task management system. Employees who know what is expected of them are better able to meet and exceed those expectations and represent your company in a way that is in line with your vision.  

Jolt retail software includes the following features that will make the shopping experience more enjoyable for your customers and more lucrative for your business. 

  • Jolt Lists: Help your employees stay organized and ensure that all daily tasks are completed on time and kept up throughout the day. Your store can be clean, well arranged, and properly stocked at all times when there is an effective system of delegating necessary tasks at specific times. Your customer should always be presented with an orderly and welcoming experience, no matter what type of product or service you offer. 
  • Jolt Information Library: Employee confidence comes from a thorough understanding of your business’s products and operating procedures. When all the relevant information is in one easy-to-access place, your staff are empowered to find the answers to any questions or uncertainties they might have. The better your employees understand your business, the better they’ll be able to help your customers have the best experience possible. 
  • Jolt Training Software: Both newly hired and more experienced members of your retail team can benefit from effective gamified training. Jolt makes it easy for employees to train themselves with interactive videos and materials. What’s more, the associated comprehension quizzes can test whether they understand the material clearly. Management can track employees’ training progress and comprehension remotely and send reminders when needed to notify employees that it’s time to take or retake a training module. 


Solutions for the Retail Industry

Jolt Lists

With Jolt Lists, your entire team naturally does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. Turn guesswork into great work

Jolt Sensors

Discover a remote monitoring solution that protects inventory with alerts when temperatures fall outside of a defined range

Jolt Labeling System

Streamline the label-making process by reducing the time it takes to make labels and eliminating errors.


Jolt Communication Manager

Ensure that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Jolt Information Library

Provide employee training and store content in one central hub.


Jolt Employee Scheduling

Scheduling your entire crew has never been easier than with Jolt’s drag and drop interface.

Jolt Time Clock

Monitor employee clock-ins and shift lengths all from home.


What Can Jolt Do For Your Store?

Increase Revenue

Make Happy, Loyal Customers


Build Brand Consistency

Improve Operations

Reduce Operating Costs

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Jolt saved all of my ice cream before any of my employees even noticed there was a problem with the walk-in freezer.
Eric K.

Baskin Robbins Franchisee

Since implementing Jolt three years ago we have seen an increase in our inspection scores across all of our locations. Furthermore, Jolt has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars from failed audits, labor costs, failed freezer units going out, and so much more.

Chad L.

Zaxby’s Operator

Our store recently got an evaluation from EcoSure and we received a Pride Award. The person doing the inspection said it was the cleanest Dairy Queen store they had ever seen.

Devra C.

Dairy Queen Franchisee

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