Never Worry About Handwriting Labels Again

Streamline your product expiration label-making process by reducing the time it takes to make labels and by eliminating errors.

Jolt JPS 2000


Correct, Everytime

Label templates are easily created and centrally managed using a cloud based management portal, that allows you to add new labels to all of your locations with just a click of a button. Print labels for:

  • Expiration date codes
  • Nutrition facts and ingredients
  • MRD (Made, Ready, Discard)
  • To-go Delivery orders
  • Grab and go items
  • Catering orders
  • And more

In the food service industry, it is important to be sure that stored food is accurately labeled.

Clear and correct food date labels keep your customers safe, help your business comply with health department regulations and pass inspections, make it easier to keep an accurate inventory and reduce waste. And creating legible and error-free labels for your food containers does not need to be the tedious, time-consuming task it was in the past.

With Jolt’s labeling system, you can have easy-to-read, accurate food labels in seconds. Monitor the labeling process remotely and sync labels across multiple locations with Jolt’s easy-to-use label making system for food service.


Stop paying employees to hand write labels. Not only are handwritten labels a huge waste of time and money, they are also prone to human error. The Jolt Food Safety Date Code Labeling System allows you to transform very inexpensive hardware into the fastest labeling system on the market. Our average customer reports saving each of their locations $70 per month with the Jolt Date Code Labeling System.

Jolt JPS 1000



This feature lets you manage your portal remotely, allowing you to perform these tasks:

  • Add new date code items to all locations with one click
  • Manage product names, expiration dates, categories, and other settings anytime, anywhere
  • Customize expiration periods based on your exact needs or product changes.

Lightning Fast Printing

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Jolt Labeling on Phone

Easy To Use & Correct Everytime


Our label templates use a cloud-based management portal, allowing users to add new labels across several locations with the click of a button.

Depending on your needs, you can use our food date label maker to print everything from packed on, sell by, or expiration dates to grab ‘n go items and anything else you can imagine with our easy to use default or customizable templates.

Remember, entrusting this process to handwritten labels by employees leaves your company vulnerable to inaccurate or unreadable information which can lead to legal and financial risk.

Ensure Food Safety 

Surely, your staff would never knowingly serve expired or spoiled food to your customers, and accurate expiration date labels on all your food containers can make sure that never happens, even by accident.

Food that is past its expiration date might become moldy, rotten, or grow bacteria and other microbes. Eating this type of food can lead to serious foodborne illnesses. Even mild cases of food poisoning can be devastating for a business in terms of reputation and financial liability.

The best way to avoid a litany of negative consequences ranging from negative reviews to a customer becoming seriously ill, is to keep all stored food labeled with the name of the food, the date it was prepared, the date of expiration, and the name of the person who prepared the food in case additional coaching is required.

Time Saving Features

Label templates are easily created and centrally managed using a cloud based management portal that allows you to add new date code items to all of your locations with a single click of a button.

  • Update all locations with one click
  • Update product names, expiration periods, categories, and other settings remotely
  • Expiration periods are customizable to fit your exact needs

The jolt food labeling system saves your staff valuable time, allowing them to focus on the most important part of their job – giving each and every customer an exceptional experience. 

With the auto-calculating function of Jolt’s food labeling system, all you need to do is set the appropriate number of hours, days, etc., for the specific type of food you are labeling, and the machine will automatically print labels with the correct expiration date. Your staff does not need to count out the hours or days manually; the correct expiration date will be calculated and added to the label automatically. This saves you time and also eliminates the risk of your staff writing the wrong expiration date.

Remote access to the labeling software means that managers can add, remove, or update labels from anywhere, without having to be physically present in the restaurant. The wireless or wired options allow you to ensure that no matter what your network situation is, Jolt can quickly connect to the network of your choice. 

Writing labels by hand can take quite a long time, especially if the employee makes a mistake and needs to write new labels for an entire batch. Jolt label printers, on the other hand, can print 6 labels per second, each with perfect accuracy and in an easy-to-read font.

Jolt Labels in a box
Frequently Asked Label System Questions

What is the Jolt Labeling System?

The Jolt Labeling System is a digital solution that automates the creation of food safety date labels as well as customer facing grab n go labels, reducing the need for manual writing and increasing accuracy and efficiency.


How fast can the Jolt printers produce labels?

Jolt printers can produce up to 6 labels per second.


Can I manage the Jolt Labeling System remotely?

Yes, the system is managed via a cloud-based portal, allowing immediate updates to all your locations and monitoring from any location.


What types of labels can I print with Jolt?

You can print labels for expiration dates, nutrition facts, allergen warnings, point of sale, customer facing, and more.


Is there a limit to the number of locations that can use the Jolt system simultaneously?

No, there is no limit; you can manage and sync labels across multiple locations seamlessly.


Can I customize the label templates?

Yes, Jolt offers customizable label templates to meet specific needs.  If you can think of it, Jolt can support it.


What are the benefits of using Jolt over handwritten labels?

Jolt labels are faster to produce, more accurate, and eliminate the human error common in handwritten labels.


How does Jolt ensure food safety compliance?

Jolt labels include all necessary information to comply with health regulations, including expiration dates, ingredients, handling instructions, allergens, and anything else you are required to include.


Can Jolt handle labels for special dietary needs?

Yes, it can print labels with allergen alerts and other dietary information.


What is the cost of implementing the Jolt Labeling System?

The cost can vary based on the scale of implementation and specific needs; scheduling a quick meeting with a live Jolt representative for a quote is recommended.


Does the system require special training?

No, Jolt is designed for ease of use with minimal training required.


How do I update label information across all locations?

Updates can be made in the cloud-based management portal with a single click to reflect across all locations.


What hardware does the Jolt Labeling System use?

The system uses Jolt Print Stations and Zebra Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printers.


Can I print labels for non-food items?

Yes, Jolt can also print labels for items like packaging and inventory tags as well as anything else you can think of.


Is internet connectivity required to use the Jolt system?

While an internet connection is needed for syncing and managing labels across locations, an internet connection is not needed to print labels.  This means that locations with limited or spotty internet connections can still benefit from Jolt Labeling.


What happens if I lose internet connectivity?

The system has offline capabilities allowing continued operation until connectivity is restored.


How does Jolt handle power outages or system failures?

The system is designed to resume operations with no data loss after connectivity or power is restored.


Can Jolt track label usage?

Yes, the system includes tracking and reporting features to monitor label usage.


Can I see a demo of the Jolt Labeling System in action?

Yes, Jolt offers demonstrations on request to show the system’s capabilities.  Please schedule a demo with one of our live product specialists.

How often are software updates released for the Jolt system?

Jolt regularly updates its software to improve functionality and ensure compliance with new regulations.  These updates are pushed to the web portal daily, and to the mobile apps multiple times per month.  


Is the Jolt Labeling System compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Jolt can be managed and monitored via mobile devices using its app.


What types of businesses benefit most from Jolt Labeling?

Restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and any business requiring accurate and efficient labeling practices.


How long does it take to install the Jolt Labeling System?

Installation time varies depending on the number of products you are purchasing, but typically can be completed within a few hours.


Can the labels withstand freezer temperatures?

Yes, the labels are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, including freezer environments.


Does Jolt offer labels that are waterproof?

Yes, Jolt offers labels that are waterproof, making them suitable for various environments.


What size labels can Jolt printers produce?

Jolt printers can produce various sizes, suitable for different products and requirements.  Common label sizes Jolt offers include 1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, and 2×10.  That said, Jolt is able to accommodate almost any label size, so please talk to a product specialist for more information.


How do I order more label supplies?

Supplies can be ordered directly through Jolt’s website located at


Is there customer support available for troubleshooting?

Jolt offers live customer support via phone and email services to address any system issues.  Jolt’s support phone number is 877-396-4112 and email is  


Can Jolt integrate with other systems or software?

Yes, Jolt can integrate with various POS and management systems through its open API.


What languages are supported by the Jolt Labeling System?

The system is used by customers in more than 50 countries, and as such, supports multiple languages, enhancing its usability across different regions.  


Can the labels be customized with my company’s logo?

Yes, labels can be customized to include company branding like logos and taglines.


Can the labels be customized with images?

Yes, labels can be customized to include images.  Keep in mind that the printer prints in black & white, so your images will also print in black & white.


How environmentally friendly are Jolt labels?

Jolt labels are designed to be eco-friendly, aligning with sustainability practices.


What are the energy requirements for Jolt printers?

Jolt printers are energy-efficient, minimizing environmental impact and reducing operating costs.


How can I track the effectiveness of Jolt Labeling in my operations?

The system provides analytics and reporting tools to track efficiency and improvements.


How do I train staff to use the Jolt system?

Jolt provides online tutorials and documentation to facilitate staff training.  The system is built in such a way that most customers find that very little training is required by their staff because it is so intuitive.  


Can the Jolt system handle multiple label formats at the same time?

Yes, the system can manage multiple label formats simultaneously, enhancing operational flexibility.  It can also automatically print various sized labels from different printers to decrease how often you need to change out labels.  


How does Jolt help with compliance audits?

The system generates reports and logs that are useful for compliance audits and inspections.  Health inspectors generally appreciate clean and accurate labeling, which simplifies audits.  


What types of paper are Jolt labels printed on?

Jolt uses high-quality thermal paper for durable and clear labeling.


Can I monitor label usage trends over time?

Yes, Jolt’s analytics tools allow tracking of label usage trends to optimize operations.


How do I back up my Jolt system data?

Data is automatically backed up in the cloud, ensuring it is safe and retrievable.


Can I use Jolt for time-sensitive products?

Absolutely, Jolt is ideal for managing labels for time-sensitive products like fresh food.


How does Jolt contribute to waste reduction in labeling?

By precisely aligning, calculating and printing exact label quantities needed reduces waste.  


Can I restrict access to the Jolt labeling system within my team?

Yes, Jolt includes user access controls to secure and restrict system use as needed.


What support does Jolt offer for setting up the labeling system in a new location?

Jolt provides full support for new installations via its remote Customer Success Representatives.


The Jolt Print Station

The stand-alone hardwired solution for automated label printing that’s reliable, fast, and comes in two options.

The Jolt print station is much more than a food date label printer. It is also useful for printing labels for pickup orders, catering, allergen alerts, and more. Its easy-to-use design means that employees will not need to undergo any special training to start using it right away, and its internet connectivity makes it possible to store your data in the cloud and sync across multiple locations.  With the Jolt print station, you can also avoid connectivity and network issues when you operate your food date label printer because each printer is hardwired directly to the display.

Jolt Print Station 1000

Suited for establishments that only print labels of one size, the JPS-1000 is a stainless steel unit that houses a Zebra ZD410 thermal printer hardwired to a single 8” display.

Jolt JPS 1000

Jolt Print Station 2000

Gives you the ability to print two label sizes simultaneously, the JPS-2000 is a stainless steel unit that houses two Zebra ZD410 thermal printers that are hardwired to a single 8” display.

Jolt JPS 2000

Lower Costs

Use Jolt’s Labeling System For:

    • Date Code Expirations
    • Grab ‘n Go
    • MRD (Made, Ready, Discard)
    • Catering Orders
    • Allergen Alerts
    • Use First
    • And More

Why Our Customers Love the Jolt Labeling System

Before Jolt, our employees were handwriting labels for 20 minutes every day, but now it only takes 20 seconds! Buying lower cost labels for the printer is great, but the biggest value is from our reduced labor costs, which is fantastic.

Kyle H.

Pizza Studio Franchisee

Steritech came in and audited us for our food safety. They couldn’t believe how everything had a label on it, and were impressed with Jolt’s digital food safety solution.

Hudson C.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Operator

The food labeling system has been an extreme improvement in food safety for us. It gives you the exact date and time for each product to make sure everything we use meets corporate and food safety standards without the possibility of human error. Jolt has been a great fit for us!

Jason S.

Chick-fil-A Operator

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