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If you want to have a successful business, you will need an effective, smooth, and consistent workflow. To achieve the ideal workflow, you will need effective employee scheduling. Whether you have a big or small business, employee scheduling is critical for all businesses. As a business owner, employee scheduling entails keeping track of staffing needs, availability, tracking seasonality, and allocating responsibilities. Overall, it assists you in creating a workflow that is in line with company goals. An efficient employee scheduling process greatly helps employees understand their tasks, work hours, and deadlines, allowing them to give their all to a project and contribute to achieving the goal of your business.

Your task becomes considerably more difficult if your company has many employees and multiple schedules. It can be tough to keep staff schedules correct and up to date when you handle them manually for your entire workforce. It can also be difficult to distribute each update throughout your company. So, how can you ensure that your company has the best employee scheduling? You will need to utilize reliable employee scheduling software from Jolt. 

Say goodbye to the old spreadsheets and papers for scheduling your employees. In today’s digitally driven world, your company should embrace the tried-and-true solution from Jolt’s employee scheduling software.

What Is an Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software is a digital solution for businesses that automates the creation and management of employee work schedules. Employee scheduling software is a simple, drag-and-drop scheduling platform designed to help your business create schedules quickly and efficiently. Employee scheduling software automates the scheduling process and helps you manage labor expenditures, increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Its primary function includes shift templates, assignment, automated notifications for new schedules and shift changes, employee availability management, time off requests, and multiple location support. Essentially, our reliable and trusted employee scheduling software will meet all your employee scheduling needs.

How Does Employee Scheduling Software Work?

Employee scheduling software includes a graphical interface, templates, and replication capabilities that will improve and dramatically speed up your scheduling process. The software offers a centralized dashboard where the users can find all of the company’s scheduling information. An employee scheduling software allows you to maintain a record of staff availability and scheduling preferences.

Employee scheduling software serves as a workforce and schedule management tool that assists business owners and managers in automating the scheduling process and offers consistent outcomes, while also managing labor expenditures, increasing productivity, and improving staff satisfaction. Because of the way the software is designed, it covers all the employee scheduling processes that your business needs to thrive and succeed.


Manage employee schedules across multiple locations and publish schedules with the click of a button.

Save Time


Improves Schedule Management

Regardless of the size of your company, using employee scheduling software offers a single solution for handling all schedules. All personnel information, as well as a view of multiple departments and locations, will be accessible from within the system. From the employee scheduling dashboard, you can control your whole operation’s work hours and create a timetable that aligns with company-wide requirements.

  • Create a schedule
  • Task delegation
  • Add or copy schedules
  • Schedule across different locations
  • Easy scheduling for seasonal employees

Improves Shift Management

An employee scheduling software provides a comprehensive employee scheduling system that can manage all types of shifts. Employees can use the software to request shift swaps or update their availability, while management rests easy knowing that all actions are easy to approve or reject. In addition, managers can use employee scheduling software to monitor open shifts and contact staff to fill those openings. It can also analyze conflicts in shifts and automatically inform users to correct the problem. 

To improve shift management, employee scheduling software allows you and your employees to access the following:

  • Shifts available
  • Unscheduled shifts
  • Conflict alerts
  • Departments and positions
  • Early departure/Closure
  • One-click staff confirmation
  • Shift replacements

Improves Time Management

Employee scheduling software includes time management capabilities that ensure all employees adhere to the schedule, and when exceptions occur, it allows for proper notifications and approvals. It includes time sheets and attendance tracking, as well as overtime and cost management. Scheduling can be directly integrated into clock-in and clock-out routines. It also has advanced time clock features including photo capture capability to assure accurate attendance recording and avoids buddy-punches.

Eliminate Hassle


Enjoy Improved Employee Management

Employee scheduling software helps with scheduling and shift management across a variety of departments and locations. It acts as a repository for all schedule-related information, making it easily accessible during the schedule construction process.

To improve employee management, our employee scheduling software contains the following key features and information:

  • Employee database
  • List of locations and departments
  • Availability of all employees
  • Time off requests for each employee
  • Employee roster
  • Streamlined approval process for all elements of the process
  • Perfect integration with the rest of the Jolt platform products

Improves Absence and Leave Management

Absences and unscheduled leave are among the most challenging obstacles to manage in scheduling. However, effective employee scheduling software provides a self-service scheduling solution that allows employees to request time off for one off occurrences, as well as a robust system to manage long-term availability such as changes to school, sporting, and other aspects that affect employee scheduling . In a dashboard, management can view and approve time off requests and availability changes. It not only assists managers, but it also makes filing absences and leave more convenient for your employees.

Scheduling with Email and App

Maximize Profit


Improved Reporting

An employee scheduling software increases your analysis of employee work times, absences, and the expenditures associated with them, demonstrating how scheduling affects your overall business strategy. It features a data-driven review that can reveal which processes are profitable and which are not, either monetarily or in terms of employee morale. An employee scheduling software has report generation tools that allow you to easily visualize and discuss your findings.

Here are the vital reporting and data an employee scheduling software can generate to help your business be more efficient in achieving its goals:

  • Custom reports
  • Time off summary
  • Over time reports
  • Under time reports
  • Business intelligence
  • Cost & productivity of labor

The Best Employee Scheduling Software

Given the importance of employee scheduling software to any business, it is even more important to get it from a reliable and trusted provider. Jolt is the top-ranked digital assistant manager that offers top-of-the-line employee scheduling software that guarantees to meet all the scheduling needs of your company. We provide a tried-and-true, easy-to-use employee scheduling platform for you to schedule your employees, effortlessly handle shift trades, and gain insights from labor statistics and analytics that are sure to improve your profitability. There is no need to memorize multiple logins or access separate systems, when you can access all of your locations from a single system. It also includes six alternative scheduling views.

Why Choose Jolt Employee Scheduling

  • Save time: Jolt allows you to create and send schedules to your employees in minutes. You can design templates for easy reusability as well as access schedules for all of your locations in one dashboard. You can access all of your locations in one place with a single login and integrate it perfectly with Jolt Time Clock to govern shift durations and prevent time theft using our straightforward drag-and-drop interface.
  • Money-saving reports: Jolt can provide reports when reviewing corporate attendance trends to discover which employees are routinely clocking in late, spending extended breaks, or clocking out early. It will also show you the number of minutes early/late and the days on which these outliers occur. Such insights are a significant advantage of scheduling software. A labor management system can track not only absenteeism and tardiness, but it can also help limit overtime, which is a big cost that all businesses must consider.
  • Maximize profit: Jolt tracks labor expenditures using smart alerts based on employee overtime and breaks. With Jolt’s labor cost projections, you’ll know exactly what to expect. It provides deep insights from labor reports and analytics, smart alerts and warnings, and role-based reporting.
  • Available on mobile: Employee scheduling software from Jolt is available for mobile devices. Employees may update their availability and request time off on their devices using the Jolt app, removing the need for manager interaction other than a simple approval. Employees can also be sent automatic shift reminders through text and email, which help to reduce missed shifts. Jolt employee scheduling is accessible from any internet-connected device and is very simple to use.

Level up Your Scheduling Process With Jolt

With Jolt’s simple drag-and-drop interface, scheduling your entire workforce has never been easier. Employees can handle schedule adjustments using our software. Employees can determine their availability, trade shifts with coworkers, submit leave and time off requests, and otherwise take a more active role in their work experience, which increases their job satisfaction and reduces turnover. 

Lower Costs

Use Jolt Scheduling To:

  • Save Money on Labor
  • Eliminate Missed Shifts
  • Track Employee Availability
  • Eliminate Shift Trade Overhead
  • And More
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The Advantages of Using Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling software is the ultimate digital solution for creating the best employee scheduling process for your company. When compared to the traditional scheduling of notes and complicated spreadsheets, the benefits of employee scheduling software are unmatched. Here are some of the key advantages of utilizing employee scheduling software for your company.

Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

One of the most significant advantages of scheduling software is that it keeps everyone, including management and employees, on the same page. With employee scheduling software, you’ll have a solid, fundamental scheduling system that allows your company to track schedules for individuals or groups of employees. It will also allow for shifting and rotating schedules to accommodate the numerous scheduling situations that may arise inside a company. 

Everyone, from managers to employees, will be able to log on to one system and, with a single glance, check their schedule, make changes to their schedule based on their availability, and ensure that HR and management are informed.  This completely eliminates the need for employees to call in and check on schedules or request time off or availability changes.  

Helps in the Successful Management of Employee Attendance Problems

In the workplace, attendance is a major issue that organizations can encounter. Management can deal with attendance problems properly when there is a solid scheduling process created with the help of employee scheduling software. If an employee is consistently arriving late or taking excessive leave, management will be able to track it, discuss the issue with the employee, and take appropriate action. Employees can also opt in to shift reminders that automatically remind them before a scheduled shift, which dramatically reduces the number of “no call, no show” situations the business experiences.  

In addition, employee scheduling software assists management in assigning resources based on business needs and job priorities. These assist employees in making modifications and alterations to their plans to satisfy professional responsibilities.

Delegates Responsibilities

When establishing a company’s schedule, it’s important to consider resources and ensure you are meeting business needs. An ideal employee scheduling process guarantees that enough resources are scheduled to successfully carry out a business’s functions. Under-scheduling can cause problems for businesses of all kinds. However, employee scheduling software can help your company to be fully equipped in meeting everyday needs.

Employee scheduling software displays any open shifts that are not assigned to an employee during the workday. It contains advanced scheduling solutions that will notify the appropriate individuals when there is an available shift because of unplanned leave or emergency sick days. The software can even automatically contact employees to fill that open shift quickly. In addition, the contacted employees can accept or decline the opportunity to work that available shift, and supervisors and managers are always notified for final approval.

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Scheduling went from two hours using our old system to 20 minutes with Jolt. Jolt has by far made scheduling 10 times easier.

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My favorite thing about Jolt is the Scheduling feature. It makes scheduling employees so much easier than the legacy systems. Additionally, the employees love it!

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My employees no longer have to call me in order to request days off or trade shifts. Jolt Scheduling allows me to actually manage my store.

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