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Jolt is perfect for consumer goods outlets, grocery stores,
convenience stores, car washes, and more.

Our Story

Our Founder, Josh Bird, turned the challenges he faced as a franchisee owner into a solution used by thousands of global restaurants, brands, and businesses.

On New Years Day 2010, Josh faced his biggest challenge yet: a broken freezer unit with over $10,000 of food stock ruined in just a few hours.

This was the last straw in a series of hurdles he experienced while trying to run his small business. Josh knew other franchisees—especially restaurant groups and multi-location owners—were experiencing the same problems he faced.

Josh got to work creating software that could improve employee accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance in his store. The result is Jolt Software, a technology specifically designed to execute operations for restaurants, retail stores, entertainment venues, and deskless businesses of all kinds.

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Our Values


Break Through Walls

You work hard, have grit, and focus on results, not excuses. When working through difficult and ambiguous projects and tasks, you take ownership and get things done. You recognize inefficiencies and don’t wait around for someone else to solve them. You are trusted because you embrace accountability, consistently fulfill responsibilities, and produce valuable results. You can pivot, work quickly, and appropriately manage your entire workload. You let your work speak for itself. You achieve individual, departmental, and company goals and metrics.

Down to Earth

You are a grounded individual that is excited and willing to support the needs of your peers and the company. You receive and seek out opportunities to give Radical Candor. You are genuine in wanting your peers and the company to succeed above your own personal interests. You are not territorial and embrace sharing in successes and in failures. You are not above the tasks and responsibilities given to you. You are flexible and can adapt to a change in plans. You are honest with your peers and the company. You avoid focusing on titles or positions, but rather helping where you are. You are open-minded and receptive to different people, opinions, and well-intended Radical Candor.

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Take Care of the Customer

You are passionate about the customer and produce a seamless experience with Jolt. You demonstrate urgency in addressing customer’s issues and resolve them in a timely fashion. You listen, are professional, and truly care for the customer’s well-being. You find the best outcomes for the customer. You speak positively about customers and put their needs ahead of your own interests. No matter your position or responsibilities, you are known for how well you take care of the customer.


See What Our Customers Have To Say:

Jolt saved all of my ice cream before any of my employees even noticed there was a problem with the walk-in freezer.

Eric K.

Baskin Robbins Franchisee

Since implementing Jolt three years ago we have seen an increase in our inspection scores across all of our locations. Furthermore, Jolt has saved us thousands and thousands of dollars from failed audits, labor costs, failed freezer units going out, and so much more.

Chad L.

Zaxby’s Operator

Our store recently got an evaluation from EcoSure and we received a Pride Award. The person doing the inspection said it was the cleanest Dairy Queen store they had ever seen.

Devra C.

Dairy Queen Franchisee

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