Customer Success Stories

Thousands of restaurant operators and owners around the world rely on Jolt to run their business.

“Jolt makes it easy to have accountability and a good follow up process.”

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Jolt Saves Chick-fil-A $650 In Employee Time Every Month

“In an environment with one leader and 19 teenagers, Jolt helps us be more productive.”

Sam Class, Chick-fil-A Franchisee, Norristown, PA

Dairy Queen

Jolt Helps Dairy Queen Switch from Paper to Digital Checklists

“We couldn’t ask for a better partnership. I’m so glad I chose you guys.”

Bob Lozano, Dairy Queen Owner, McAllen, TX

“Jolt has so many solutions other companies only offer one of.”

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Jolt Helps Buffalo Wild Wings Save Thousands Every Month

“Jolt makes day-to-day operations easier for your managers and your team members.”

Garrett Schmidt, Buffalo Wild Wings Owner, Gilbert, AZ

“Jolt cleans up and organizes my business. The kitchen is visibly cleaner.”

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“Now taking temperatures is less than 5 minutes—start to finish.”

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“It’s a better process. It allows us to be better at what we are currently doing.”

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“There’s so much that associates need to drive and own, and Jolt Lists help keep everyone on track.”

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Tao Group Hospitality Keeps Employees Accountable & Creates Consistency with Jolt

“If I were talking to someone about Jolt, I would tell them that Jolt is a system that creates a universal language for your team.”

Matt Hughes, Vice President Culinary Practices & Operations, New York, NY

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