Information is Power

Jolt Information Library is the fastest way to distribute information to all of your stores and employees


Easy, One-click Distribution

Ensure that essential information is available to the right people, at the right time, in the right way, with Jolt Information Library.

Jolt Information Library Features:

Instantly distribute Information to your entire team, or just specific roles, with the click of a button.

Master Organization

A consistent, well organized place to find all important information.

  • Role-based access to relevant information
  • Multiple document & video types
  • Outdated information is immediately removed
Jolt Fryer equipment manual job aid

Stop Shipping Content

Publish all of your information, to all of your locations, instantly. Updating information is as simple as dragging a file.

  • Eliminate printing & distribution costs
  • Quick to update from anywhere
  • Easy for employees to access

Realtime Training

Jolt is a powerful and simple platform for sharing files with only the people who need them.

  • Create categories and subcategories for organization
  • Upload training videos or other important documents
  • Keep safety materials up-to-date
Jolt - How to close the cash register job aid

Use Jolt Information Library To Distribute:

  • Recipes
  • POP Marketing
  • Policy & SOPs
  • Promotions & LTO's
  • HACCP Plans
  • And More


Jolt Communication Manager has made follow up with my team much more efficient. What really takes the cake is the capability to ask questions to make sure your crew actually reads the memo.
Isaac Ryba
Culver's Franchisee
The ability to share documents and announcements to all of my staff at once is great. We share a weekly update newsletter so all managers are aware of what is going on. It has helped keep everyone focused on our goals. They look forward to it each week to see where they rank.
Josh Riedel
McDonald's Franchisee
We all work really hard to build a brand that people trust. Knowing that trust can be lost in an instant is why my company uses Jolt Communication Manager to relay our Recall, Pull & Hold, and Urgent Notification SOP. "
C-Store Franchisee

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