Date Code Labeling

Speed up your product expiration date labeling with Jolt's intuitive and customizable labeling system.


Fast, Simple, Inexpensive

The Jolt Food Safety Date Code Labeling System allows you to transform very inexpensive hardware into the fastest labeling system on the market. Our average customer reports saving each of their locations $70 per month with the Jolt Date Code Labeling system.

Jolt Labeling Features:

Stop paying employees to hand write labels. Not only are handwritten labels a huge waste of time and money, they can also create a liability because employees are prone to costly mistakes.

It Just Works

With Jolt's labeling system your employees can spend less time labeling products, and more time helping customers.
  • Worry-free compliance tool for food safety labeling
  • Prints 6 labels per second
  • Single login for managing all of your locations

Correct, Everytime

With Jolt, employees simply touch the name of the product they are preparing, and enter the quantity if necessary, then all the calculating and printing is done for them automatically.


Money Saving Reports

Label templates are easily created and centrally managed using a cloud based management portal that allows you to add new date code items to all of your locations with a single click of a button.

  • Update all locations with one click
  • Update product names, expiration periods, categories, and other settings remotely
  • Expiration periods are customizable to fit your exact needs

Use Jolt's Labeling System For:

  • Date Code Expirations
  • Grab 'n Go
  • MRD (Made, Ready, Discard)
  • Catering Orders
  • Allergen Alerts
  • Use First
  • And More

Lower Costs

Before Jolt, our employees were handwriting labels for 20 minutes every day, but now it only takes 20 seconds! Buying lower cost labels for the printer is great, but the biggest value is from our reduced labor costs, which is fantastic.
Kyle Humphry
Pizza Studio
The date code labeling system has been an extreme improvement in food safety for us. It gives you the exact date and time for each product to make sure everything we use meets corporate and food safety standards without the possibility of human error. Jolt has been a great fit for us!
Jason Sutton
Steritech came in and audited us for our food safety. They couldn't believe how everything had a label on it, and were impressed with Jolt’s digital food safety solution.
Hudson Chow
Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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