4 Ways to Boost Employee Performance In Your Quick Service Restaurant

Adam C. Lambert Adam C. Lambert Restaurant Operations Strategist
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Let’s set the stage of how to boost employee performance in your restaurant. 

The positive impact of boosting employee performance means your employees will know what to do, and how to do best. You’ll start delivering more accurate orders and will have a friendlier staff. This helps your restaurants increase revenue per store and achieve long-term growth.

You’ll notice brands like Chick-fil-A are consistently clean, fast, and compliant with brand standards—no matter which location you visit. 

Chick-fil-A and other leading restaurants make it easy for their employees to learn and follow brand standards with regular performance reviews, and training on brand standards and menu items. These top-performing stores also use an employee scheduling software to make sure their employees aren’t overworked, or their stores understaffed.

The benefits of boosting employee performance are clear. Here are four methods you can use to boost employee performance and efficiency in your restaurant.

4 Ways to Boost Employee Performance in Your Quick Serve Restaurant

1. Reduce Human Error with On-the-spot, Digital Training

When an employee encounters a task that’s not part of their daily duties—like cleaning a machine—they’ll likely need some guidance on where to begin.

Instead of interrupting the productivity of another employee, use a tablet to train, or retrain, employees on the spot.

While this may seem negligible, imagine how often the productivity of two employees is interrupted for retraining. One of these employees is likely a manager or high performer, meaning the efficiency of your restaurant drops the second someone encounters an unfamiliar task.

Jolt’s employee performance solutions helps you train employees on exactly what to do, and how to do it best.

An example training module in Jolt.


2. Make Sure You Have Enough Coverage (But Not Too Much)

We’ve all been in a restaurant where the employees are visibly rattled. The lunch rush is happening and there’s no way they can catch up. It’s all they can do to keep their heads above water.

This isn’t the employees’ fault. They’re trying to make the best of a bad situation, which is an understaffed store. 

Employee scheduling solutions like Jolt can help you curb understaffing, and ensure you’ve got the coverage to keep employees friendly and orders accurate.

Having the appropriate amount of people working is a key to any restaurant’s success. It’s usually the store manager’s duty to ensure employee schedules are released on time and all shifts are covered. 

Using an employee scheduling software like Jolt lets managers accomplish scheduling from anywhere, not just the back office. When you realize how impactful proper scheduling is for restaurant success, you’ll undoubtedly switch to a digital scheduling solution.

3. Digitize Performance Reviews, And See The Results

Performance reviews often fall to the wayside for many owners and managers. They lose priority to the daily operations of the business, and for that reason, affect employee performance in the long-term.

Digitizing your performance reviews helps to keep them uniform, meaning everybody is measured on the same metrics, using the same questions, and so on. But even more importantly, it allows you to accomplish performance checks more often.

By engaging with employees more frequently, you can course correct faster, and keep everyone informed about their overall performance. This improves communication with your team, which helps employees be friendly and boosts morale.

Completing performance reviews on a tablet keeps your information consistent, and ensures you’ve got a permanent and accessible record going forward. This will improve employee performance to help increase your revenue per store and long-term growth.

4. Quiz Employees to Keep Vital Brand & Menu Information Front-of-Mind

One of the major measures of employee performance across your team is order accuracy. If there’s a pattern of inaccurate orders, it’s likely your employees need could use some retraining.

Quizzing your team on food safety, menu items, recipes, and more, can help you correct mistakes you’re seeing on the execution side. Jolt can help you quiz employees daily on clock-in to give everyone the refresher course they need. And since the quizzes are digital, you’ll be able to see how employees performed on each quiz over time.

An example Food Safety Quiz in Jolt.


Managers will be able to offer insight here, as they usually end up rectifying inaccurate orders for customers. Check with your managers to see where employees are failing in their knowledge of brand standards and daily duties.

Take action to narrow those knowledge gaps with digital quizzes, and expect to see an improvement in order accuracy and overall employee performance.

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