Time & Attendance

A perfectly integrated Time Clock allows you to run your business more efficiently.  


Advanced, Powerful, Fast

With Jolt Time Clock, you can eliminate the headaches you experience with your current time and attendance system, and you get the additional benefits that come with an all-in-one, integrated system.

Jolt Time Clock Features:

Your time clock data is available to you on any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. Your time and attendance information is immediately available, in real time, to your payroll department.

Ultimate Visibility

  • See who is clocked in and out from anywhere
  • Record the geolocation of each punch
  • Automatically takes a photo of the employee for each clock punch (eliminates buddy punches)

Control Labor Costs 

  • Missed punches automatically ask employees provide a reason
  • Flag or block punches that are outside of the schedule
  • Easy export for payroll

Integrated Announcements 

Jolt allows you to integrate its Announcements feature directly into the clock in process to guarantee that employees see critical information.  It then presents employees with quizzes to ensure that they understand the communication.

Use Jolt's Time Clock To:

  • Integrate Time Clock with your Schedule
  • Reduce Buddy Punches
  • Track Remote Employees
  • Block Early Punches
  • Flag Early/Late Punches
  • And More

Labor Costs

Jolt is the Swiss Army knife – besides easy scheduling, it clocks team members in and out for time tracking with a facial snapshot. You can then export timesheets to your payroll system easily. Beyond that it is used for all our opening/closing/maintenance lists on our team's phones or the iPad that we clock in and out with. Even more, our GM just set it up to log and process our damage claims and investigations electronically!
Jimmy Suds
Jimmy Suds Car Wash
It has provided me peace of mind while not in the stores which, as a restaurant operator, is a big deal. I can feel comfortable knowing that the things I expect to get done each and every day are being completed to the standards set, not only by myself but by Smoothie King as well. And when things aren’t done, I love that I receive automatic notifications on my phone.
Bradley Walker
Smoothie King
I would say to those on the fence that you shouldn't think about it a second longer! You should get Jolt now, because it’s one of the best programs that we have ever worked with, both here now and in the future because Jolt is always innovating and willing to work with companies to meet their needs. They are constantly coming up with new tools to help companies and the marketplace.
Dan Igoe

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