Why It’s Important Your Digital Food Safety Solution Works Offline

Adam C. Lambert Adam C. Lambert Restaurant Operations Strategist

Reliable wifi can literally be hit or miss depending on your restaurant layout and location.

That’s why it’s important that your Digital Food Safety (DFS) solution works offline, so you’ll never miss a temp log, WiFi or not.

Below, we explain why it’s important that your DFS app continues to work by storing data until WiFi can be re-established to push updates to the cloud.


Spotty WiFi and Digital Food Safety

Not every McDonald’s location has reliable WiFi.

WiFi connectivity can be hit or miss depending on several factors, most notably the location and layout of your store.

Because McDonald’s is now moving to Digital Food Safety (DFS), it’s important to have offline access to your web applications.

Though McDonald’s has approved multiple DFS providers, only one has offline capabilities.


Why Offline Capability is Important

Moving from paper temperature logs to Digital Food Safety should be an improvement to your current processes.

Without offline capability, you could find yourself more frustrated by the technology that appreciative of it.

If you’re required to have a strong WiFi connection for every temp log, and your store experiences spotty connections (or there’s simply something in the way), you’ll be frustrated waiting on the probe to record the temperature.

Jolt is the only Digital Food Safety solution that avoids this trap, making it easy for any McDonald’s store to complete temperature logs faster, online or offline.


Jolt Works Online and Offline

Jolt Digital Food Safety works both online and offline to ensure your McDonald’s store stays compliant 24/7.

If you have a spotty wifi connection, Jolt continues to work by storing data until a connection can be re-established.

Once connected, Jolt immediately pushes all updates to the cloud automatically.

Jolt is the only Digital Food Safety application with offline capabilities to cover every McDonald’s store, no matter how reliable the WiFi.


Are You Adopting Digital Food Safety?

If your McDonald’s stores are adopting Digital Food Safety in 2020, consider Jolt as the industry leader.

With U.S.-based, 24/7 customer support, and more positive reviews than anyone in our category, we are the global leader in helping the QSR industry move from paper to digital food safety operations.

To get started with Jolt Digital Food Safety in your McDonald's store, click here.


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