6 Tips to Improve Restaurant Efficiency

Shannon Lippe Shannon Lippe Vice President of Marketing
6 Tips to Improve Restaurant Efficiency

At the end of 2021, there were 14.5 million people working in the restaurant industry. While this is still 1 million less than the industry’s pre-pandemic level, the number has been on a steady rise. With this number growing, operators need to think about how they will create and maintain operational efficiency as they bring on more employees, while simultaneously increasing retention rates. Here are 6 tips for improving efficiency in your restaurant. 

  1. Improve teamwork
    You’ve heard it before. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” This certainly applies to restaurants. The more your team works together, the more efficient they will be, and the more revenue your restaurant will generate. To foster teamwork, you can create team goals, increase communication between employees, build recognition programs or even hold annual employee celebrations.

  2. Make duties easy to understand and complete
    Let’s be honest, if you’re asked to do something that isn’t clear, you’re either not going to do it, or you’ll do it the wrong way. If expectations aren’t clear, who could blame you? If you make your team’s tasks easy to understand, and give them the tools to complete them accurately, you will ultimately save time and money by eliminating the need for corrective actions or having another employee have to spend time doing the task all over. 

  3. Maintain motivation
    Arguably the most important thing you can do to increase efficiency in your restaurant is keeping your team motivated. When motivation is low, output is low. You can keep your team engaged and motivated by running employee contests, providing on-going skill training, or rewarding top performers. 

  4. Reduce human error
    Reducing human error can help eliminate potential operational roadblocks. A great example of this comes from an interview that I did with Matt Hughes, Vice President of Culinary Practices & Operations at Tao Hospitality Group. Matt told me that Tao used to handwrite the labels that would be placed on the sauce bottles in the kitchen. Since not everyone’s handwriting is the best (plus handwritten labels can get ruined easily), employees would sometimes struggle with reading the labels, therefore leading to them spending more time deciphering them, or finding someone who could read them properly. Tao purchased Jolt’s Labeling System to eliminate this roadblock completely.

  5. Increase communicationCommunication is key in any work environment. Both you and your employees need to be informed. If you implement a change in policy, but do not inform your staff, a mass of confusion and wasted time will ensue. To increase communication, you can look at using a digital communication technology solution that will allow management to send out real-time updates to employees.

  6. Automate processes
    Last but not least, automating manual processes will help your team accomplish more in less time. Imagine using technology to make your manager walk-throughs go from 45 minutes to 5 minutes. What could your manager get done in those extra 40 minutes? I think it would allow him or her to have more time focusing on your customers or coaching employees and helping them grow in their roles.

Now, for the obligatory sales pitch: Jolt can help you implement all 6 of these tips, with one solution. Our operations management platform can help you quickly check the box, and start seeing increased efficiency immediately. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

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