3 Simple Ways to Improve Order Accuracy in Your Restaurant

by | 24-Oct-2022

Accurate orders are a staple when it comes to amazing customer service in the food industry.

When customers get what they’re expecting, they’ll return to your restaurant time and time again. They’re likely to bring friends on those future visits, too, meaning more new customers visiting your store.

That said, inaccurate orders generally leave customers unsatisfied. More often than not, the customer is forced to wait while your team jumps into panic mode to get a new order on the fly.

Improving order accuracy will keep those moments from happening, helping your daily operations run smoother. But more importantly, it will make your restaurant a better place to visit, meaning you’ll see improved revenue per store and long-term growth.

Here are three steps you can take to boost employee performance for better order accuracy in your stores.

Employee Quizzes Improve Order Accuracy

Regular training quizzes can help your team remember menu protocol. Many Jolt customers, like Chick-fil-A, use employee quizzing to train employees on specific menu items to establish consistency, especially across multiple locations.

You only need to ask, “How many pickles go on a chicken sandwich?” a few times before, “two” becomes second nature to your entire team.

Flexing these memory muscles through quizzing will help your employees make fewer mistakes when creating orders.

An example Food Safety Quiz in Jolt.

Jolt Software Employee Performance Quiz Announcement

Accurate Schedules Create A Friendly Team

It’s no secret that frustrated employees make mistakes. Overworked employees and understaffed stores invariably lead to inaccurate orders.

By using a digital scheduling tool, you’ll be able to make sure you’ve got the right amount of employees in the store for a busy, but not overwhelmed, team.

Digital scheduling helps everything run smoother, resulting in friendlier employees, and more accurate orders.

Performance Reviews Help Track Accountability

Tracking accountability is the first step to improving it. Jolt helps you track and recognize your best employees with built-in scoring and performance reviews.

With digital checklists, you’ll be able to assign point values certain tasks, and can reward your employees accordingly.

You can also create and complete performance reviews using Jolt to ensure all your questions uniform and there exists a clean record of all your employees.

An example employee performance review in Jolt.

Jolt software employee performance review example

With accountability built into your daily processes, you’ll inevitably deliver more accurate orders.

Jolt training, scheduling, and accountability tracking will help boost order accuracy in your restaurant.

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