Building a Safer LEGOLAND with Jolt: A Success Story

by | 30-Aug-2023

For LEGOLAND, ensuring the safety of numerous rides and attractions is a paramount concern. Jamie, a dedicated team member at LEGOLAND, was on a mission to streamline the safety checks process, which was initially reliant on paper checklists – a method that was proving to be time-consuming and inefficient. This is the story of how Jolt transformed the safety protocols at LEGOLAND, bringing in a wave of efficiency and accountability.

The Challenge: Streamlining Safety Checks

With dozens of rides and attractions requiring daily safety checks, Jamie was in search of a solution that could reduce the time it took to complete and review these essential procedures. The paper checklist system was falling short, necessitating a more efficient and reliable solution.

The Solution: Jolt’s Revolutionary Approach

Upon discovering Jolt, Jamie initiated a pilot program, which quickly demonstrated success. Jolt facilitated real-time checklists, allowing the team to monitor the pace of work seamlessly. But the benefits extended beyond just real-time monitoring; Jolt empowered the team to save substantial time on safety checks, enhancing the efficiency of the entire process.

The Impact: Increased Accountability and Accuracy

Jolt’s intervention brought about a remarkable increase in employee accountability at LEGOLAND. Jamie noted, “It’s very easy to have accountability and a good follow-up process if things aren’t being done how people are asked to do them.” The statistics spoke volumes about Jolt’s efficacy, with a 60% reduction in review time and a notable improvement in documentation accuracy. The system offered insights into individual contributions, detailing who did what and when, thereby fostering a culture of responsibility and precision.

The Results: A Significant Reduction in Document Errors

Jolt’s influence in streamlining processes was evident in the substantial decrease in document errors, which dropped by 45%. Moreover, handling the remaining corrections became faster, optimizing the workflow further. Jamie described Jolt as a “very user-friendly app” that served as a bridge between management and front-line employees, ensuring performance aligned with expectations and facilitating continuous monitoring to maintain standards.

Expanding Horizons: Jolt’s Growing Footprint in LEGOLAND

Encouraged by the success, Jamie shared her experience with other departments at LEGOLAND, leading to Jolt’s integration in attractions, maintenance, retail, and food departments. Today, Jolt’s services have expanded to encompass LEGOLAND locations in both Florida and California, testament to its effectiveness in enhancing operational efficiency.

Jolt has proven to be a game-changer in LEGOLAND’s operational dynamics, fostering a safer and more efficient environment. By facilitating real-time monitoring and enhancing accountability, Jolt has streamlined safety checks, reduced document errors, and fostered a culture of efficiency and responsibility.

As Jamie succinctly put it, Jolt serves as a medium that ensures “everyone performs exactly how you want them to…then monitor that and make sure it continues.” It stands as a testimony to Jolt’s commitment to fostering efficiency and safety in dynamic environments like LEGOLAND.

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