Fun Parks: 5 Ways Digital Checklists Improve Safety and Compliance

by | 24-Oct-2022

One of the biggest worries for the manager of a fun park is the safety of its guests. Safety management is generally top of mind for amusement park management and typically tracked using paper checklists. Common pitfalls to using paper checklists include how easily paper can be faked or lost, and its failure to provide adequate proof that safety protocols have been met or followed. However, this is where digital checklists excel. Here are 5 ways digital checklists improve safety and compliance:

  1. Digital Task Management: With digital task management you have many more features than paper and everything is time stamped. Digital time stamps are actual proof a task was completed, unlike paper that can be faked.
  2. Accountability: With features like photo proof, you have documentation of task completion and a clear record of team and individual accountability. Everyone is held accountable for their work which creates a team focused environment. Everyone is accountable to pull their own weight.
  3. Notifications: You can set up emails to alert management when checklists haven’t been completed on time. For example, if an opening checklist hasn’t been completed prior to a location’s opening, notifications can alert management so that they can reach out to the store and see why. With digital checklists, even when you aren’t physically on-site, you can monitor whether tasks are done properly and in a timely manner.
  4. Incident Reports: Digital checklists provide more protection for amusement parks than paper. Period. For example, if someone visits your park and then returns at a later date claiming you failed to have enough foam in the ball pit resulting in injury or a seat belt was loose on a ride, digital documentation provides the proof you need to protect your company. Everything is time stamped and photo verified. If an injury takes place, you can accurately review the condition of the park facilities when it happened.
  5. Organization: One of the biggest headaches managers face with paper checklists is keeping track of it all. Binders accumulate and storage space can be hard to come by but the documentation of safety protocols must be preserved in the event of an accident or injury.

    A company can be found liable if they fail to prove that their quality, cleanliness, and safety protocols were not met. By using digital checklists all that critical data is organized and stored online making it easy to locate historical checklists and removing the concern about lost or altered records.

The five benefits mentioned above are just a few of the reasons people are finding it safer and more effective to move to digital checklists. Get rid of faulty paper checklists and move to the ease and convenience of a digital solution. CLICK HERE.