How Jolt Digital Food Safety Solved Pencil Whipping for this McDonald’s Owner

by | 24-Oct-2022


“The benefits were clearly outlined with Jolt, and it was such an easy tool to use.”

Katie Foster, 6 Location Owner, West Virginia


The Impact of Pencil Whipping

Katie Foster owns and operates 6 McDonald’s across West Virginia. She and her General Manager were experiencing accountability failures, mostly due to employee pencil whipping daily food safety logs.

Some employees would fake the temperature recordings, logging temperatures on paper they knew were within the appropriate range. She needed a better way to ensure consistency and accurate temperature logs in all her stores.

Not only were her temperature logs unreliable, she couldn’t access them because they were all done on location with pen and paper.

The issue was magnified because Katie owned multiple stores, spread miles apart.


Flying Blind with Food Safety

The lack of visibility or reporting into her stores performance around food safety left her flying blindly, and created panic around food safety audits.

“GMs would panic and flounder through temp logs for hours to make sure they were updated —which mostly meant they were faking old data.”

Ricky, the OTM in Katie’s regional field office, reached out with an email telling her about Jolt Digital Food Safety.

Katie got up and running quickly with Jolt to solve pencil whipping and receive real-time accountability reports from her smartphone.


Jolt Solves Pencil Whipping

“The benefits were clearly outlined with Jolt, and it was such an easy tool to use.”

Since implementing Jolt, Katie’s problems with pencil whipping have been completely solved.

“Employees simply can’t fake temperatures anymore,” she said. “That’s the biggest impact Jolt has had for my stores, and it’s been amazing.”

Logging temperatures digitally with Jolt makes it easy for McDonald’s owners to stay compliant.


Jolt Is Simple, Even Across Locations

Katie mentioned how simple it was to roll out Jolt to all her stores, even though they’re far apart.

“Now I know who’s compliant. I can go into Jolt and check any store at any time.”

This has made audits simpler for Katie’s stores as well, no longer putting her team in panic-mode.

“Jolt makes food safety audits much easier on General Managers,” she said. “And it’s so easy for employees to use.”

Jolt brings McDonald’s owners like Katie peace of mind knowing temperature logs are complete, and employees can’t pencil whip.


Get Jolt in Your McDonald’s

In most McDonald’s stores, switching to Jolt Digital Food Safety cuts the time to complete temperature checks by 50% or more.

Interested in saving time and boosting productivity in your McDonald’s store?

You can register for Jolt here and get started with Digital Food Safety in your stores today.


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