How To Save Money and Increase Efficiency with Jolt’s Employee Time Clock

by | 1-May-2023

Managing employee time and attendance is a critical aspect of running a business. Inaccurate timekeeping can lead to costly payroll errors, compliance issues, and decreased productivity. To help your business streamline this process, Jolt offers an employee time clock with numerous benefits and features. The employee time clock allows simple clocking in and out for the entire team based on the shifts and schedules you and your management team determine. Efficiently approve time off requests and monitor all time analytics for your business with Jolt. The time clock feature is significant and will help you monitor employee clock-ins and shift lengths, view labor reports, and forecast costs. Jolt has time clock monitoring that allows the management real-time views, preventing early time clock-ins and flagging early or late punches for management to review later. Always know what is going on with your business, leaving no cracks. The valuable resource of time should not get wasted. Use Jolt software to maximize the time efficiency of your business.

Benefits Of Using Jolt’s Employee Time Clock

The employee time clock from Jolt comes with benefits to significantly improve your business. Using the Jolt employee time clock will improve accuracy in tracking employee hours to make it possible to increase efficiency and productivity. That leads to reduced payroll errors and time spent on manual calculations, more accurate labor cost forecasting, and better compliance with labor laws and regulations. Jolt’s employee time clock is not just employee time tracking. It is full employee automation for your business. One of the particular benefits of Jolt’s Employee Time Clock is its real-time tracking of employee hours. With this feature, managers can monitor who is on the clock at any given time and automate accountability. Eliminate all of the time-consuming headaches of your current time/attendance system. Replace it with a simple solution that works seamlessly with any business operations – Jolt’s Employee Time Clock. Streamline clock-ins and outs for your team based on predetermined schedules.

Integration with Jolt’s Scheduling Software

Jolt’s Employee Time Clock integrates seamlessly with our scheduling software, allowing for a comprehensive solution to manage your employees. The scheduling software lets you easily create, edit, and share schedules with your team. This integration enables you to have all your scheduling and time-tracking information in one place, making it easier for you and your management team to make informed decisions about staffing and labor costs. The combination of these two powerful tools ensures that your business runs smoothly, and your employees have the information they need to succeed.

Employee Peace of Mind

The Jolt Employee Time Clock also provides your employees with peace of mind. They can access their timecards in the app whenever they are logged in, allowing them to confidently know they are getting credit for the time they work. This transparency helps build trust between employees and management, fostering a positive work environment and promoting accountability.

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Features Of Jolt’s Employee Time Clock

When you use Jolt’s employee time clock with your business, you get many useful features like real-time tracking of employee hours, easy exports to various payroll systems, a mobile app for remote access, customizable settings, and a user-friendly interface to make using the system effortless. You and your management team will have ultimate visibility, flexible configuration, and integrated communication from anywhere. The live time tracking is always available for you and your management team to see who is on the clock, automating accountability.

Additionally, Jolt’s Employee Time Clock records every punch location on a map, ensuring that employees clock in at the appropriate location. This feature allows you to quickly identify if an employee is not where they should be. You can also choose which devices can have the time clock on them, offering flexibility in allowing employees to clock in and out from their phones or restricting them to clock in and out on a specific device located within your facility–the choice is yours.

Customization and Control

Jolt’s Employee Time Clock offers complete control over the setup and usage of your time clocks. You can decide how long a punch can be, before considering it a missed clock out, determine your approach to overtime calculations, and have complete flexibility on setting up your pay periods. Owners can even address paid and unpaid breaks with Jolt, ensuring that all aspects of employee time management are covered.

Moreover, the owner of the location has complete control over how their time clocks are set up and used. By customizing the system to your business’s specific needs, you can tailor Jolt’s Employee Time Clock to your unique requirements, ensuring that you have the most efficient and effective time tracking system in place.

Preventing Buddy Punching and Time Theft

Jolt’s Employee Time Clock helps prevent buddy punching and time theft, ensuring that your employees are held accountable for their work hours. This is achieved through features such as recording punch locations on a map and allowing management to review early or late logins. Jolt also takes a photo each time an employee clocks in or out, and because you can set up face detection, you can have complete confidence that they are not buddy punching. With Jolt, you can be sure that employees are only clocking in and out for themselves and during their designated shifts.

Missed Punches and Management Approval

Jolt’s Employee Time Clock also allows employees to suggest the appropriate times for any missed punches on the time clock. However, management ultimately gets to approve those punches. This feature ensures that employees can easily address any errors, while management retains control over the approval process, maintaining accountability and accuracy in employee time tracking.

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How To Set Up Jolt’s Employee Time Clock

Follow the steps below to set up Jolt’s employee time clock for your business! Once you see the difference, you will never go back.

  1. Determine which devices to use.
  2. Simply add employees to your account.
  3. Set up time clock rules.
  4. Show employees how to use the system – they’ll pick it up instantly.

Tips For Maximizing the Benefits of Jolt’s Employee Time Clock

Here are some tips to get the most out of the Jolt employee time clock to run your business like a well-oiled and fully automated machine!

  • Encourage employee buy-in: Make sure everyone understands the benefits of the system and uses it correctly. This will help ensure the system’s effectiveness and promote a positive work environment.
  • Regularly review and analyze data: Monitor the system’s insights to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and use the information to make informed decisions about staffing, scheduling, and other aspects of your business operations.
  • Continuously refine time clock rules and settings: As your business grows and evolves, make adjustments to the system to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  • Leverage the system’s anti-time theft measures: Utilize the tools provided by Jolt’s employee time clock to prevent buddy punching and other forms of time theft.
  • Use data-driven insights to inform business decisions: With the wealth of information provided by Jolt’s employee time clock, you’ll have a better understanding of your workforce and operations, enabling you to make well-informed decisions that drive success.


When you use Jolt’s employee time clock, you get much more than a clock-in, clock-out system. With Jolt’s employee time clock, you get improved accuracy in tracking employee hours, increased efficiency and productivity, fewer payroll errors/time spent on manual calculations, more accurate labor cost forecasting, real-time tracking of employee hours, integration with payroll systems, remote access, customizable settings, all on a user-friendly interface.

By incorporating features such as recording punch locations on a map, allowing for device flexibility, and customizing overtime calculations, Jolt’s Employee Time Clock offers a comprehensive and adaptable solution to your business’s time tracking needs. Try the Jolt employee time clock today and immediately see the difference. With Jolt, what is supposed to happen at your business will, and you won’t need to be there to ensure it does. Free up your time – the most important resource you have as a business owner.