How Jolt is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

by | 24-Oct-2022

Dear Customers and Partners:  

As COVID-19 has descended upon the global community, all of us have been left balancing real life with uncertainty.

Jolt sits in a unique position to help minimize that uncertainty as our customers provide confidence that their environments are safe.

We’ve built a platform that gives thousands of operators the ability to ensure safety, and instill confidence for their customers.

We are committed to keeping those operations intact. We have built our solutions in a cloud environment as part of the continuity plans we have in place.

This provides security that services will be working even in difficult times such as now.  

At Jolt, we’ve been actively working on new solutions to the challenges that you are faced with right now.

Customers have requested: COVID-19 sanitization lists, better accountability for sanitization requirements, compliance with employee health standards, and an external dashboard that can be shared with customers to demonstrate how restaurants are sanitizing and protecting customers.

As a result, we’ve released or will soon release:  

  • COVID-19 sanitization lists based on CDC and FDA guidance to help “slow the spread”
  • Team member accountability to increase confidence that your venues are virus-free
  • Reporting that you can display to your customers demonstrating when cleaning happened as well as how often, in order to keep them safe
  • Webinar series with sanitation experts to help navigate these difficult moments

If you have any issues, our customer success and support teams continue to be available to assist with any requests.

Please visit our customer support page or contact us at 877-396-4112 ext 1.

We wish you and your employees the best, and are hopeful that the changes we are releasing will prove helpful to you during this difficult time.