4 Tips to Improve Restaurant Cleanliness

by | 24-Oct-2022

Your restaurant’s cleanliness is one of the biggest outward indications of your success with all daily operations. If your dining room and bathroom are spic-n-span, it’s very likely you’re executing all tasks with similar attention to detail. Not only that, but customers visiting a clean restaurant are much more likely to be repeat customers and bring new customers with them. 

However, it’s hard to know if your restaurant is being cleaned properly when you aren’t around. Here are some unique tips on how to improve your restaurant’s cleanliness and improve your customer’s experience. 

1. Hold the whole team accountable 

Accountability is key to creating a culture with consistent cleanliness in mind. Holding the whole team accountable means everyone works together. One employee not performing brings down the entire team. Without accountability you aren’t going to motivate each employee to care for the restaurant like you do. 

Digital can boost accountability. With Jolt, employees work like you’re there, even when you’re not. Digital checklists and task management help employees clearly know and track their responsibilities. Digital records who completes each task, eliminating slacking by holding everyone accountable.

2. Gamify cleaning tasks

Have a task that nobody wants to do? With Gamification you can reward those who complete the most and reward the hardest tasks with a bigger reward. It also makes working more fun and allows people’s competitive nature to drive them to complete more. 

With Jolt, you can Gamify tasks by assigning point values to each checklist item. When an employee completes a task, they get the number of points assigned. You can then recognize top performers and reward those who have completed the most items or have shown the most improvement. 

3. Be adaptable with feedback

In today’s world, one of the most important skills for restaurants to cultivate is adaptability. With the Coronavirus pandemic shifting the way we live, there have been increased incidences of social shaming on social media. Customers are openly criticizing restaurants for not appearing clean and for employees not wearing masks or protective gear. 

Social shaming and negative reviews are especially harmful in the restaurant industry with 75% of consumers not willing to visit a restaurant carrying negative reviews relating to its cleanliness.  Adapting to the new landscape of social distancing and sanitization will help you build trust and avoid damaging negative reviews. 

4. Go digital 

With digital, you know every task is done properly, by whom, and that it was done on time. How? Because digital allows you to include timestamps and photo-proof of completion. You can rest assured knowing that tasks aren’t just being marked off. They are being done properly. You can also remotely see reports so you can check in on your store’s performance from anywhere. 

Digital provides all the necessary tools in one place to help your restaurant have team accountability, gamify tasks, and adapt to new challenges so that your restaurant is always clean. To learn more about digital and see how it can work for your restaurant, demo Jolt.