“It’s So Simple” to Adopt Jolt, Says 3rd Generation McDonald’s Owner

by | 24-Oct-2022

“Jolt is the system we will use going forward. We’ll never switch back to pen and paper.”

– Grant Groen, 10 Store, 3rd Generation Owner/Operator

Achieving Accountability

Grant Groen is a 3rd Generation McDonald’s Owner Operator.

Along with his sister, the family owns 23 locations across Kentucky and Ohio.

“Employee accountability is always a struggle,” said Grant, “even for families like ours who have been doing this for decades.”

Fred Laport, the Groen family’s Director of Operations, helped Grant create solid processes and operations in his stores.

“Fred has been with McDonald’s 32 years,” Grant told us.

“So with our combined experience, I believe we have the processes down right. It’s just a matter of getting real execution in every store.”


Embracing Digital Food Safety

“We knew digital operations were the future, so we wanted to embrace it early,” said Fred Laport.

The Groen family launched Jolt and instantly saw the change digital food safety brought to their daily operations.

“You can immediately see the benefits Jolt offers,” said Grant.

Because Jolt only requires one employee instead of two completing food safety checks, McDonald’s are seeing productivity gains alongside better food safety compliance and reporting.

“Jolt is the system we will use going forward,” said Grant.

“We’ll never switch back to pen and paper.”


Jolt Makes EcoSure Audits Easy

Heather Jacobs, a General Manager for one of Grant’s locations, noted how impressed EcoSure was with Jolt during their most recent visit.

“EcoSure was extremely happy with the results that Jolt was able to surface for them on the spot,” she said.

Digitizing food safety with Jolt gives visibility into daily operations, especially for audits and inspections. Auditors are able to view accurate information for any date range, and see how successful each store is with it’s temperature checks.

“Jolt makes it easy for employees to do food safety checks on time,” said Heather.

“That’s the real advantage for us at the ground level. We get more done in the store, and it’s done the right way.”


Jolt Delivers Consistent Food Safety

Want to achieve simple, consistent food safety in your McDonald’s or QSR stores?

You can get started with Jolt Digital Food Safety in your store by following this link.


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