How Often to Sanitize your Jolt Tablet

by | 24-Oct-2022

How often should you be sanitizing your Jolt Tablet or device?

Generally it is smart to sanitize every surface in your restaurant and have your employees wash their hands thoroughly every hour, if not more. We recommend having your tablet, if it has been used in the past hour, sanitized or wiped down at the very least. 

Since it is hard to fully sanitize your tablet’s screen, we recommend that you have your employees wash their hands before using the tablet. That way your tablets stay cleaner, sanitized, and last longer. 

How do you sanitize your tablet? 

The newest smartphones and tablets have screens that often have special coatings that do not hold up to household cleaners and can damage the screen’s coating or ruin the device. To get specific instructions on how to sanitize and clean your device see your manufacturer for instructions. 

For Ipad see instructions here 

For Samsung tablet see instructions here 

When you clean your device make sure to turn it off completely and remove any cases. Avoid getting moisture in any openings and don’t use household cleaners. For some it is safe to use isopropyl alcohol 70% or similar products. 

How to sanitize your case

Jolt has teamed up with Iport as our tablet hardware partner. Iport cases allow you to keep your tablets safe and wirelessly charge them at the same time.  To disinfect and sanitize your hardware, first wipe down and clean off any dirt or grime. Next, sanitize by simply applying CaviWipes or a cotton swab and a dab of isopropyl alcohol to your device. 

Reduce the risk of cross contamination 

Because the Jolt app on your tablet or phone is used by so many employees, it is important to mitigate the risk of pathogens spreading on the tablet or case. Make sure your restaurant has the proper protocols set up for sanitizing and cleaning to help stop the spread.