See How This McDonald’s Doubled Productivity around Food Safety Logs

by | 24-Oct-2022

“It no longer takes two people to complete food safety checks in our stores.”

– Chris Majeris, 40 Location Food Safety Consultant, McDonald’s Southeast U.S.


Accountability for Food Safety

Chris Majeris is the Food Safety Consultant for 40 McDonald’s locations across the Southeast U.S.

He works closely with supervisors to verify that corrective actions are taken and that things are done consistently and accurately in every store.

Chris began to experience problems around temperature logs at some of his stores in Florida, and began looking into the root cause.

He found that paper and pencil temperature logs were costing him on both productivity and accuracy.

Searching for a solution, Chris decided to try Jolt Digital Food Safety in his lowest performing stores.


Food Safety at the Right Time

Using Jolt to complete his food safety checks digitally, Chris and his supervisors can now set timeframes for their teams to complete temperature logs.

With Jolt, temperature checks are on digital deadlines that are visible to both employees and management. These deadlines—along with audible reminders for the staff—help employees accomplish food safety faster every day.

“We’re seeing more consistency with our temperatures, and know we can rely on the numbers,” said Chris.

Since using Jolt Digital Food Safety, employees no longer pencil-whip temperature logs on paper.


From 2 to 1 Employees

Chris noted that productivity had increased too, because temperature logs with Jolt were so much easier to complete.

“It no longer takes two people to complete food safety checks in our stores,” said Chris.

“With Jolt, one employee is perfectly capable of completing temperature logs promptly, and correctly.”

Not only is Jolt getting more temperature checks done right, it has freed up an employee who can focus on providing amazing customer experiences in Chris’s stores.

The low performing locations that Chris trialed were now accomplishing temperature logs faster, and seeing improved customer service with another employee available to help in the back.

“I knew Jolt would give me accuracy, visibility, and compliance. But improving productivity and customer experience is a real added bonus.”


Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

Dave Peters, the Area Supervisor for McDonald’s, said he loves using Jolt’s reporting to see completion rates across Chris’s locations.

“We can see if proper food safety has been completed or not,” said Dave. “And it’s always up to date.”

Jolt is the only digital food safety software that updates in real time, giving stores accurate reports by the second.

“Jolt is simple to set up, and employees catch on quick,” said Dave. “But most of all, they’re following proper procedure. They’re doing food safety the right way now—consistently.”


Jolt Drives Consistency for Food Safety

In most McDonald’s stores, switching to Jolt Digital Food Safety cuts the time to complete temperature checks by 50% or more.

Interested in saving time and boosting productivity in your McDonald’s store?

You can register for Jolt here and get started with Digital Food Safety in your stores today.


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