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Faster Food Safety

Jolt is the global leader in Digital Food Safety solutions for restaurants. We help operators move from paper to digital food safety processes for faster temperature checks, improved compliance, and real-time visibility.


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Culver’s store #543 Orem, Utah

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Faster Temperature Checks


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Jolt Helps Culver’s Franchises

Jolt List Reporting

Continuously Monitor Product Temperatures

Jolt Remote Temperature System is a monitoring solution that alerts when product temperatures fall outside of a defined range, and allows for quick morning startup completion.

Jolt Remote Temperature System is deployed in thousands of restaurants.  See why:

  • Save 30 minutes when performing your Startup List
  • Protect inventory and save money with continuous temperature monitoring
  • Improve employee efficiency

Pass Inspections
with Confidence

With Jolt Digital Food Safety, you’re always compliant and prepared.

  • Instantly record and store digital temperature logs
  • Consistently meet corporate brand standards
  • Sync with Cooper-Atkins pyrometer (and more)
Jolt Workflows
Jolt Daily Lists

Know What’s Going On

See every store’s food safety performance from anywhere.

  • Take actions based on real-time reports
  • Know which stores are compliant
  • Real-time alerts drive corrective action
  • Save time and money with improved accountability

Achieve Faster
Food Safety Checks

Save time on all your food safety checks and temperature logs.

  • Complete food safety checks faster               
  • Instantly record temperature logs.                 
  • Increase employee efficiency.                          
  • Stay compliant without sacrificing speed.      
  • Flexibility to edit lists yourself                          
Digital Food Safety for McDonald's Restaurants
Culver's Short Logo

“Now taking temperatures is less than 5 minutes—start to finish.”

                         – Greg S., Culver’s Owner, Manchester, MO

Jolt Digital

Food Safety Features

  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
  • High-Level and Store-Level Reports
  • Pre-built Food Safety Checklists
  • Pre-built Shift Management Checks
  • Pre-built Monthly/Quarterly Checks
  • Included Pre-Shift Checklist
  • Automated Corrective Actions
  • Employee Time Clock & Scheduling
  • Drag-and-Drop Schedule Builder
  • Swap Shifts In-App
  • Employee Quizzes & Training
  • Send Message Blasts & Announcements
  • View Labor Reports & Forecast Costs
  • 24/7 Temperature Sensor Monitoring
  • On-the-spot Employee Training
  • Employee Training Hub & Info Library

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