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Jolt Increased Task Completion Rate at Culver’s by 350%.


Greg Siemer, Culver’s Owner, Manchester, MO

“Now taking temperatures is less than 5 minutes—start to finish.”


  • Temperature checks not getting completed
  • Lack of employee accountability w/ daily tasks
  • Inconsistent customer satisfaction scores


  • Temperature checks completed 3x Faster
  • Task completion percentage increased from 20% to over 90%
  • Consistent increase in customer satisfaction scores


Team Accountability

    • All Culver’s Corporate checklists
    • Opening and closing checklists
    • Cleaning checklists

Digital Food Safety

    • Wireless Temperature Logs with digital probe
    • Culver’s Food Safety Lists
    • Culver’s Product Rotation Lists

Employee Performance

    • Training Hub
    • Product and Brand Standards Quizzes
    • Employee Feedback Surveys
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Full Story

Greg was looking for a way to help his employees complete back of house tasks. Efficiency was becoming a problem, and there was a lack of accountability with daily duties, most notably temperature checks.

“Temperature logs were taking 15 minutes or more. Stopping what you were doing, tracking down the clipboard, and shuffling through the kitchen three times a day was inefficient.”

Looking to Improve Accountability

The bottleneck with back of house tasks was starting to affect Greg’s customer service. He noticed employees weren’t showing the Midwest Hospitality Culver’s is known for. Greg needed a way to get more work done and boost employee morale.

“We were probably completing 1 in 5 temperature checks. We had no process for accountability, to know who did what.”

Checklist Completion Went from 20% to 90%

Greg then joined 350+ Culver’s locations using Jolt for restaurant executions. Not only did he adopt Jolt for temperature checks, but he uses it for corporate checklists, food safety lists, product rotation, and more. He couldn’t believe the immediate value Jolt brought to his store.

“Now taking temperatures is less than 5 minutes—start to finish. List completion went from around 20% to over 90%. With Jolt’s task notifications, our percentage rates have increased drastically.”

Greg attributes his store’s success to Jolt’s automatic list alerts for employees. These notifications led to faster service, helping Greg’s employees elevate every moment.

Efficiency In Action

Greg’s store now completes food safety checks three times faster than before. Since adopting Jolt, his managers have saved an average of 10 hours per week.

That’s more than a full day’s work.

“Jolt helps me complete back of house tasks so my employees are able to focus on the front of house with greater efficiency and cheerfulness.”

To date, over 13,000 Culver’s Employees use Jolt for team accountability, digital food safety, and employee performance.

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