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Jolt Helps Dairy Queen Switch from Paper to Digital Checklists


Bob Lozano, Dairy Queen Owner, McAllen, TX

“We couldn’t ask for a better partnership. I’m so glad I chose you guys.”


  • Cleanliness of store and facilities
  • Systems and Routines completion rates under 30%
  • Poor food safety practices overall


  • Improved store cleanliness to highest evaluation rating
  • Increased Systems and Routines completion rate by 167%
  • Improved food safety practices with DFS


Team Accountability

    • Digital checklists for DQ Systems and Routines
    • Opening/Closing checklists
    • Cleaning checklists

Digital Food Safety

    • Wireless temperature monitoring with notifications
    • Dairy Queen Corporate food safety checklists

Employee Performance

    • Monthly employee performance reviews
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Full Story

Before Jolt, Bob was looking for a solution to improve overall food safety, accountability, and cleanliness of his store and its facilities. When Bob came to us, his daily checklist completion rates were under 30%.

“We were failing to complete our Systems and Routines—the corporate paper checklist system that keeps everyone in compliance. I was personally frustrated by the lack of accountability with regard to our Redbook.”

Switching from Paper to Digital Checklists

Bob had hesitations about switching his store operations to a digital medium.

“We felt that Jolt may be too complicated for our team. We feared that the change would be overwhelming, and produce negative results. We quickly learned that Jolt instilled a new sense of accountability and performance in all of our team members.”

Bob realized the potential, but was surprised at how fast his employees could pick up and use the new tools.

“We have quickly fallen in love with so many things about Jolt. It has proven to be efficient and really easy to use as our checklist completion rates have already increased by 167%. And that’s during our implementation period.”

Customer Success Is Our Measure

Bob also complimented the customer service he received with Jolt through his Restaurant Operations Specialist.

“Jolt’s support response time is unreal. They’ve responded to every one of my inquiries in less than an hour.”

Bob has expanded to use all three Jolt solutions for his store: team accountability, digital food safety, and employee performance. He continues to see results in his store thanks to Jolt Software.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partnership. I’m so glad I chose you guys.”

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