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Jolt Decreased Legoland’s Documentation Errors by 45%


Jamie Smith, Operations and Compliance Manager, Carlsbad, CA

“Jolt makes it easy to have accountability and a good follow up process.”


  • Documentation errors were common
  • Safety checks were inefficient
  • Performance reviews took too long
  • Lack of employee accountability


  • Decreased documentation errors by 45%
  • Decreased performance review time by 60%
  • Legoland expanded Jolt to other parks and attractions


Team Accountability

    • Daily safety checklists

Employee Performance

    • Performance Reviews
    • Training hub
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Full Story

Jamie needed a way to reduce the time it took to complete and review safety checks at LEGOLAND. There were dozens of rides and attractions that required daily safety checks, and paper checklists weren’t going to cut it.

Jolt Gave Us Immediate Success

When Jamie found Jolt, she immediately started a pilot.

“We had immediate success,” Jamie said. “With Jolt, we can actually see how quickly the work is being done.”

But even more than real-time checklists, Jamie was able to accomplish her initial goal: save time on safety checks.

With Jolt, We’ve Increased Employee Accountability

“We've been able to increase the timeliness of the work we need to complete. It’s very easy to have accountability and a good follow up process if things aren't being done how people are asked to do them.”

When it came to direct statistics, Jamie offered the following.

“We've cut review time by 60%. And we've increased the accuracy of our documentation because there's ways of knowing who did what, at what time.

Jolt Helped Us Decrease Document Errors by 45%

Document correction is down by 45%, and we handle the remaining corrections much faster than we used to.”

We asked Jamie to describe Jolt to someone who has never used it, this is what she said:

Using Jolt Is Simple

“Jolt is a very user friendly app. It's a medium between the management level and a front-line employees to have everyone perform exactly how you want them to...then monitor that and make sure it continues.”

Jamie shared her success story with other departments at LEGOLAND. They have expanded Jolt through the attractions, maintenance, retail, and food departments.

Jolt is now in both LEGOLAND Florida and LEGOLAND California.

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