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Jolt Boosts Task Completion Rate Over 90% at Smoothie King


Scott Hilliard, Smoothie King Owner, San Antonio, TX

“Jolt has so many solutions other companies only offer one of.”


  • Low task completion rate (under 50%)
  • Average customer satisfaction scores
  • Spending too much time visiting locations


  • Increased task completion rate to above 90%
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction scores by 10%
  • Saved 10 hours per week on travel and schedule management


Team Accountability

    • All Smoothie King Corporate checklists
    • Opening/Closing checklists
    • Cleaning checklists
    • On-the-spot training

Digital Food Safety

    • Wireless temperature monitoring with notifications
    • All Smoothie King Corporate food safety checklists
    • All Smoothie King labeling templates

Employee Performance

    • Product and brand standards quizzes
    • Training Hub
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Clean and Consistent

When we first spoke to Scott Hilliard, he could perfectly articulate the issues he was experiencing as a multi-location Smoothie King owner.

“I needed consistency between stores. I was spending way too much time going through the stores and I became the bad guy every time I went to a store. I wanted my visits to be a more positive experience.”

Beyond consistency, Scott was looking to improve the cleanliness across each of his Smoothie King locations.

“Smoothie King has maintenance and cleaning lists that weren’t getting done. Employees would run a line through the tasks and jot their initials, but each chore wasn’t getting the attention and TLC it deserved.”

Achieving Team Accountability

Scott knew he had the template to succeed as a Smoothie King franchisee. That’s how he’d expanded and opened new locations already. But paper checklists were failing him.

“Checklists are huge with Smoothie King, which is great. But practically, I was putting printed paper into binders so they wouldn’t get wet, then having these massive books of reference material that weren’t really accessible.”

Jolt starts all Smoothie King franchisees with corporate checklists, but Scott took the initiative to create his own accountability checklists to go above and beyond.

“Jolt gives me the opportunity to implement my own solutions, store by store. I save 10 hours a week not having to travel to stores and follow-up with everything. I still visit my stores, but I spend much less time there. Jolt already has me caught up.”

With Jolt, It’s All In One Place

Scott continues to have amazing success with Jolt’s team accountability solution, but he’s expanded to use both Jolt digital food safety (DFS) and employee performance solutions.

“My favorite thing is that Jolt is an all-in-one tool. It has so many of the solutions that other companies only offer one of.”

Beyond checklists, Scott uses Jolt scheduling to reduce call ins, and Jolt labeling for product and inventory.

“Labels are the employee’s favorite. They’re so easy to print out it’s made them want to start completing checklists. They’re actively keeping our store compliant.”

Scott has used Jolt to create a purpose-driven culture at his stores—one of Smoothie King’s core values.

“Ultimately, I wanted something that works smarter, not harder. Anytime I can get back to concentrating on improving my business as opposed to keeping up with a backlog of tasks is great. Jolt helps me do that.”

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