Jolt Launches Digital Safety at IAAPA Expo 2019, Where 1 in 2 Keynote Speakers Use the Software

Jolt, the leader in digital operations for theme parks and fun centers, will have a larger presence at this year's IAAPA Expo, where half of keynote speakers are already Jolt customers.


Silicon Slopes, Utah (November 14, 2019) Jolt Software Inc. – Jolt, the leading operations execution software for theme parks and fun centers, is attending IAAPA Expo 2019, the annual conference for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions in Orlando, Florida.

Among the crop of this year’s keynote speakers, half use Jolt to improve operations in their amusement businesses.

“Theme parks and fun centers absolutely love using Jolt software,” said CEO Josh Bird. “Legoland is one of our oldest and most active customers, and use Jolt in both their Florida and California parks.”

Jolt helps businesses in the amusement industry move from paper to digital operations to improve safety checks, maintenance records, and food safety—all inside one platform.

“Using digital checklists instead of clipboards and binders has been a game changer for us,” said one fun center owner. “Jolt makes it easier to complete all our checks, and handles everything for food service in our park. It’s so easy to use.”

This is the third year Jolt has attended the North American IAAPA Expo.

“We’ve helped dozens of IAAPA attendees improve their operations by switching from paper to digital,” said CJ Lewis, Chief Operating Officer at Jolt. “Of the 60 presenters this year, half of them use Jolt every day.”

“Helping theme parks and fun centers with safety means peace of mind and smoother operations, That’s been our mission since day one,” said Josh Bird.

“As a company, we put a big focus on safety. That’s one reason Jolt has such a great relationship with IAAPA.”

To date, workers in the amusement industry have helped completed over 1 Billion acts of accountability using Jolt software.

“IAAPA attendees are amazed when we show them how simple it is to move from paper to digital operations” said Josh Bird. “Doing safety checks, maintenance, and food service all on a single platform is a game changer for theme parks and fun centers. We love helping these businesses ”

Look for the Jolt booth at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando.

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About Jolt

Jolt is operations execution software available on smartphones and tablets that helps restaurants, retail, hospitality, and other businesses achieve team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance. Jolt is used by companies like Edible Arrangements, Jimmy John’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Legoland, Marriott, Chevron, Cinemark, and thousands of other global brands.

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