Jolt Launches New Remote Sensor Solution to Protect Restaurants

The new sensors, using LoRa technology, improve remote monitoring of refrigerators and other kitchen equipment to eliminate product loss and reduce labor cost in today’s connected kitchen.   

Lehi, UT (February, 2021) Jolt Software Inc. – Jolt, the leading Operations Execution Software for restaurants, retail, and other businesses, recently launched the latest remote sensors solution, which is completely integrated into the Jolt platform. 

The new sensors work when placed inside refrigerators and other kitchen equipment throughout the facility. They continuously monitor temperatures around the clock, sending alerts the moment anything goes outside of a preset range.

The new sensors aim to help restaurants move away from the pitfalls of paper and into the digital future. Digital sensors help restaurants save money, avoid inventory loss, and automate manual operations while saving time and improving food safety and compliance. 

“Inventory loss due to a malfunction of coolers and freezers as well as the high cost of labor can have a significant negative impact on food service operators' bottom line,” said Bob Gibson, CRO, Jolt. “It’s more critical than ever that operators arm themselves with intelligent tools that monitor their locations 24 x 7 x 365, and allow their locations to do more with less employee involvement and oversight. Intelligent tools like the Jolt Digital Food Safety Platform leverage next generation sensor technology to avoid inventory loss.”

The new sensors with LoRa allow for increased sensor range (meaning only one gateway per location in most environments), less power consumption, more secure and reliable reporting, cheaper cost, and easier installation. Leading to an overall better experience and solution for restaurants.

Michael Slater, the VP of Product at Jolt says, “Jolt's new sensors elevate our Digital Food Safety offering to a whole new level. After years of researching the specific needs of the F&B industry, testing the product, and refining it, this product hits the mark for the reliability, scalability, and ease-of-use necessary for Enterprise, Mid-market, and mom and pop businesses. We have automated kitchen operations and eliminated the need for manual temperature taking across the board.

To learn more about how the sensors can help your restaurant, schedule a demo at or contact us at 877-396-4112.

About Jolt Software

Jolt is operations execution software available on smartphones and tablets that helps restaurants and other deskless businesses achieve team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance. Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Jolt Software was founded in 2014 by current CEO, Josh Bird. To learn more, visit or contact us at


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