Jolt Partners with EAGAA, Helping Edible Arrangements Operators Deliver Fresh Fruit Every Day

Jolt announces a new partnership with the EAGAA, helping Edible Arrangements franchisees streamline food safety operations and accountability across their stores.


Silicon Slopes, UT (November 5, 2019) Jolt Software Inc. – Jolt has partnered with the EA Group Advancement Association (EAGAA) as an official provider of Digital Food Safety and Team Accountability solutions for more than 700 Edible Arrangements stores across the U.S. and Canada.

As an official software vendor for EAGAA, Jolt will provide Edible Arrangements operators with digital checklists for improved accountability, and digital food safety for simpler temperature logs and monitoring.

“We’re excited to partner with the EAGAA,” said Josh Bird, CEO of Jolt.

“Edible Arrangements is known for delivering fresh ingredients to their customers. Jolt helps operators across the country ensure clean vans and stores and fresh fruit every day.”

Tyler Slater, CTO of Jolt noted how simple the switch was for current Edible Arrangements operators.

“We’re taking Edible’s proven processes, and moving them from paper to digital,” says Tyler Slater. “This gives owners more visibility into their stores, and ensures EAGAA members are delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

Edible Arrangements owners and operators will now have access to Jolt’s entire digital food safety platform, including: accountability monitoring, food safety checklists, temperature logs, and temperature sensors with mobile notifications.

“Jolt gives owners visibility over both employees and food safety,” said Edible Arrangements owner and EAGAA Board Member, Kevin Barton.

“Franchisees will love Jolt’s faster temperature logs, and customers will know they’re getting the freshest ingredients every day. It’s a win win for our franchise group.”

EAGAA members will improve efficiencies with Jolt that help drive revenue per store, return on investment, and long-term growth for their stores.

“We grow our business with care and quality,” said EAGAA Board Member, Diana King.

“Jolt will help us in our mission to enhance and promote the success, development, and integrity of every store. We’re leaving no room for error when it comes to the cleanliness of our stores and vans, and the freshness of the food we deliver.”

The new partnership brings digital speed, accuracy, and consistency to Edible Arrangements’s operations, both in store and on-the-go.

“Edible Arrangements owners love how simple it is to switch from paper to digital food safety,” said Jolt CTO Tyler Slater.

“With Jolt, their most important daily operations are completed faster, meaning they get more accomplished each day. And that saves operators money.”

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About Jolt

Jolt is operations execution software available on smartphones and tablets that helps restaurants, retail, hospitality, and other businesses achieve team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance. Jolt is used by companies like Edible Arrangements, Jimmy John’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Legoland, Marriott, Chevron, Cinemark, and thousands of other global brands.

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The EA Group Advancement Association (EAGAA) was formed as a non-profit franchise association with the mission to enhance and promote the success, development, and integrity of every store and specialty food industry franchisee while striving to grow our business with the same care and quality we use to design our fresh, hand-crafted products.

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