Jolt Updates App’s name to Jolt and Jolt Legacy

Jolt, an app available for smartphones and tablets updates app’s name

Lehi, Utah, April 13th, 2020Jolt Software, an app available for smartphones and tablets that helps restaurants and businesses achieve team accountability, digital food safety compliance, and boost employee performance announces a change to their app names.

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To help reduce confusion in the app stores Jolt has updated the names for two of their apps. The name changes are as follows;

  • Jolt Employee Management has been changed to Jolt Legacy
  • Jolt 2 has been changed to Jolt

This will help to clarify which app users should download as Jolt prepares to eventually deprecate and replace the original iPad app.

There are three major differences between the two Apps.

Development Support - The Jolt Legacy app is no longer being actively developed and will eventually be deprecated. All new development has been shifted to the newer Jolt app.

Device Support - The Jolt app is available on both Android and Apple devices including phones, whereas the older Jolt Legacy app only works on Apple iPads.*

Feature support - The Jolt app supports new features that are not supported on the Jolt Legacy app. Newer features included that are not supported on Jolt Legacy include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature Monitoring Sensors including LoRa (Long Range)
  • Temperature Probe Stabilization and Auto-record
  • List Corrective Actions
  • Ad Hoc List assignments
  • Auto-complete Items
  • List Item Flags
  • Switching Locations
  • Conditional Display List Items
  • Sublists
  • Printing Labels From List Items
  • Saved Completion Reports 
  • List Item Custom Colors
  • Viewing Schedules
  • Spanish Language Support

    (Note that Jolt requires newer hardware to run the newest features. Please see the device recommendations support article for more information. Because new hardware is required, Jolt Legacy is still available for those without the newest hardware.)

*Jolt Legacy still supports Brother Printers which have also been deprecated. Those using Brother Printers will need to continue using Jolt Legacy to print, as Brother Printers cannot connect to the new Jolt app.


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