Quickly complete all the necessary forms in your business.

Jolt List Module


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Jolt gives management the tools they need to document deficiencies in operations and track their resolution by building customizable audits and inspections.

Better in Jolt

Jolt makes it easy to tweak your compliance lists, allowing you to continually improve.

  • Use one system to track & monitor all your operations
  • Generate scores based on audit results
  • Graphs are automatically generated based off the results
  • Email copies of audits or inspections are automatically sent to relevant individuals
  • Keep all audit results in one place for future review and analysis
Jolt List Reporting
Jolt Form Item Types

How Does it Work? 

Jolt gives you the ability to ensure that your employees are addressing critical elements of your business.

  • Jolt is completely customizable
  • Create your forms and inspections with over 18 different item types
  • Decide when forms appear, and when they are due

Easy for Everyone

The system can be used to audit, inspect, or document just about anything you can imagine. 

  • Require auditors to embed photos or videos into their forms for documentation and remote upper level management review
  • Set up specific text or email notifications for different results
  • Receive critical alerts through text and email
Overdue Form

You are only limited

by your imagination.

Use Jolt’s Task Management Features For:

  • Regular or surprise audits
  • Opening & Closing Checklists
  • Travel Path
  • Daily & Weekly Cleaning
  • Roller Coaster Safety Checklist
  • CLIA Compliance Checklist
  • Temperature & Food Safety Logs
  • New Hire & Onboarding Checklists
  • Hand Washing Logs
  • Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • And More

Why Our Customers Love Jolt Lists

It has provided me peace of mind while not in the stores which, as a restaurant operator, is a big deal. I can feel comfortable knowing that the things I expect to get done each and every day are being completed to the standards set, not only by myself but by Smoothie King as well. And when things aren’t done, I love that I receive automatic notifications on my phone.
Bradley W.

Smoothie King Operator

We’ve cut review time by 60%. And we’ve increased the accuracy of our documentation because there’s ways of knowing who did what, at what time.  Jolt is a key part of moving our business forward operationally.

Jamie S.


I would say to those on the fence that you shouldn’t think about it a second longer! You should get Jolt now because it’s one of the best programs that we have ever worked with, both here now and in the future because Jolt is always innovating and willing to work with companies to meet their needs. They are constantly coming up with new tools to help companies and the marketplace.

Dan I.

A&W Franchisee

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