Digital Food Safety

Jolt helps restaurant owners serve hot, fresh food with quick temperature logs, automated temperature monitoring, and food & date labeling.

Jolt's Digital Food Safety
Helps You:

Serve Hot Food

Jolt helps you serve hot food every day, exceeding brand standards with fast and simple temperature logs.


Fresh Food

Jolt labeling helps you consistently deliver fresh food by auto-calculating labels for 100% accuracy.


Protect Your Inventory

Jolt helps keep ingredients fresh by protecting your inventory with sensors that notify you when temperatures fall out of range.


Master Digital Food Safety with Jolt

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Not a Restaurant? We can help you too.

“Steritech came in and audited us for our food safety. They
couldn't believe how everything had a label on it, and were
impressed with Jolt’s digital food safety solution.”

Hudson Chow, Head of Operations, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Digital Food Safety Features

  • Real-Time Reports & Notifications
  • Daily Food Safety Checklists
  • HACCP Checklists
  • Automated Corrective Actions
  • Customizable Inspection Forms
  • Digital Temperature Logs
  • Repeatable Temperature Logging
  • Time-Based Temperature Logs
  • Instant Temperature Bluetooth Probe Sync
  • Customizable Name & Date Labels
  • Inkless Zebra Printer Labeling
  • Automated Temperature Sensors
  • Bluetooth Temperature Hub & Sensors
  • Automated Temperature Notifications
  • Temperature & Humidity Measurement

These features and more, all in one place with Jolt.