Employee Performance

Jolt helps restaurant owners deliver accurate and friendly service with a training hub, scheduling tools, and accountability tracking.

Jolt Employee Performance
Software Helps You:

Improve Order Accuracy

Jolt helps you improve order accuracy with an easily-accessible training hub and employee quizzes.


Increase Staff Friendliness

Jolt scheduling ensures your employees aren't overworked and locations aren't understaffed for friendly service every day.

Keep Top Performers

Jolt helps you track and recognize your best employees with built-in performance scoring and regular reviews.


Master Employee Performance with Jolt

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Not a Restaurant? We can help you too.

“Even with new employees, there’s no reason for error. They
have access to everything they need in Jolt, which allows me
to focus on my business instead of spending the majority
of my time training.”

Heather Kessler, Chick-fil-A Operator

Employee Performance Features

  • Training Hub
  • Incorporate Training Materials In-App
  • Role-Based Access to Content
  • One-Click Distribution of Content
  • Customizable Training Checklists
  • Scorable Employee Quizzes
  • Menu & Food Certifications
  • Performance Review Templates
  • Schedule, Shift, and Break Management
  • Drag-and-Drop Schedule Builder
  • Easily Swap Shifts In-App
  • Shift Reminders by Text
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Easily Approve Time-Off Requests
  • View Labor Reports & Forecast Costs
  • Message Blasts & Announcements

These features and more, all in one place with Jolt.