Team Accountability

Jolt helps restaurant owners achieve team accountability with digital checklists and training for cleaner stores, faster service, and more consistent processes.

Jolt Team Accountability
Helps You Achieve:

Cleaner Stores

Jolt uses photo proof to improve employee behavior for cleaner kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.


Consistent Processes

On-the-spot training sets clear procedures that employees can easily follow and execute.


Fast Service

Deliver fast service across all your locations
with real-time reports, alerts, and text notifications.

Master Team Accountability with Jolt

jolt_restaurant_success_pillars_clean jolt_restaurant_success_pillars_consistent jolt_restaurant_success_pillars_fast

Not a Restaurant? We can help you too.

“Jolt has been instrumental in helping us improve the communications with our teams as well as streamlining many of our daily tasks, like food safety checks, cleaning checklists, and deposit logs. Jolt saves our management teams a great deal of time every day so they can focus on running great restaurants. We are so glad we found it.”

Bryant Peterson, Owner/Operator | 25 Locations

Team Accountability Features

  • Real-Time Reports & Notifications
  • Checklist Completion Alerts
  • Customizable Checklists
  • Daily, Repeatable Checklists
  • Time-Based Checklists
  • Assign Work by Role
  • Name & Time Stamp Every Task
  • Photo Proof of Work Completed
  • Task Location Verification
  • Incident Report Management
  • Corrective Action Accountability

These features and more, all in one place with Jolt.